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Muse spoof trailers


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I just watched the subscriber video :eek: Looks so good... Just brought back so many memories :happy: thank you so much for putting this together for us... I am sure I am speaking for everybody who was in Teignmouth, thanks for doing that it will a fantastic keepsake.


And Muse the movie - srsly cannot wait! One question @ the end of the muse the movie is that Resistance or Starlight in Teignmouth?


And :LOL: @ the warner bit!


Your welcome :) at the end of the muse the movie preview, its from "the resistance" vid but it isnt actually connected with the muse the movie preview itself.

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Cheers for the comments guys!


The Ring :LOL:

Brilliant, I love these spoof adverts :D

Actually, I was just thinking, you should do a Halloween special. That would be cool :happy:


I tried to make this one as Halloweeny as I could by putting in the horror movie clips etc but Ive made a spoof trailer a while ago which Im saving for Halloween which I'll put up then

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