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  • Birthday 09/01/1993

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    i wanna grow up to be a magical girl
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    san fransokyo
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    Disney cast member
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    a lady
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    The Balloon Corps. Arcade Fire. Relient K. Chevelle. Eisley. The Zombies. Say Anything. Paper Route. Panic! At the Disco. Pillar. Muse is alright, I guess.
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    The Fall, Anne of Green Gables trilogy, LotR trilogy, Jeux D'enfants, Wayne's World!, Amelié...
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    all i watch anymore is anime, so
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    I like prose. And a myriad of others.
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    all CDs + Showbiz on vinyl
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    Fort Worth, TX 17/3/2010
    SXSW Secret Show 3/10
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  1. Woah weird timing (kinda, if you call 12 days later 'timing'), first time I've logged in for like a year.

  2. *cries because I have not logged onto the forums in eons and I have missed this stupid shit*

  3. I'LL MAKE YOU LOVE ME LAUREN :supersad:

  4. I used it once ....didn't care for it. :supersad:

  5. Maybe... I don't know if you're allowed to know about it though :ninja:

  6. Oh, yay! :happy: Is there a membership I can have stating that I am slag and have slag duties?

  7. Yes, you are a slag. :phu:


    It's okay though. I'm a slag too. :awesome:

  8. Excuuuuse me, sire!


    I still love you, though. Even if you are right.

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