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The Definitive Pickup Wiring Thread


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right... so basically, i just noticed a little problem. I though i ordered 2 x 500k pots for a 1tone,1vol setup. Fail. I've 1 500k and 1 250k. Now i have a recollection of coming across a 1tone 1 vol circuit with a 250k for tone and a different capacitor.


anyone wanna help me with this, or will i go search in town for a 500k?

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well i was going by the cirtuit on the seymour duncan site. they use a 500k for vol and a 500k for tone with a .47 cap. if i used a 250k, what cap will i need?


Just use a .47, it will hardly make any difference and I'm sure 250k is what most people use for tone despite SD using 500k.

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okay im abit worried

one of my guitars has 1 humbucker (yea it was that one i was making a huge fuzz about how to wire with dumb questions like how to wire up only 1 volume, sorry about that)

when i play with it on distortion, it sounds great.

when i play with it on clean it gets an annoying buzz

no its not fretbuzz, i think its from the humbucker.

i just wonder

why the hell do i have this?

its a Bridge Pickup, it shouldnt be making that kinda noise!

i know its hard to understand what im actually asking about

but basically it is.

when i have it in clean without any effects at all, it makes an annoying buzz.

when its not plugged in to the amp it doesnt, so it cannot possibly be fretbuzz.

could this come from the Humbucker?

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Does the buzz go away when you touch the strings? My guess is that something isn't grounded somewhere.


everything is grounded as its supposed to

im talking about just when i play it in clean, like its a kind of a crackly buzz but its still the guitar there

it only occurs when i play the strings slightly hard

not like the normal you get when you play the strings hard

lets say you play "Doomsday" by Atreyu in clean

then this huge annoying Crackle just suddenly appears when you hit the strings with a pick.


the wiring is like normal, Output jack grounded

Humbucker grounded

and Bridge grounded

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Could you stop using a new line for every sentence, it's getting rather annoying. Is the pickup really close to the strings? Also is the output jack loose?


ok sorry xD

hmm i havent checked that with the pickup, i honestly didnt think about it!

ill try it right now. the output jack isnt loose

ill check it now, 2 seconds

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