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  1. This place is like hotel California. I can never leave :(

  2. Saying I'm 20 feels weird.

  3. I'm alright thank you! And yourself?

  4. Don't know if you still hang around and about here, but I just want to pay my halfyearly visit and say hello :LOL::kiss:

  5. Oh you know, I don't hang around enough :(

  6. fucker


    love you too

  7. Hello Mister Niall. Could you change my name to "Kris." please?

  8. :LOL: oh well. it's their beliefs :happy:
  9. from pittcountry to norcountry? Neeeeeeh... might not work lol

  10. make me one too pwetty please :supersad:

  11. YOU WILL GET A BACONSANDWICH. and you shall eat it.

  12. I'd usually be more help, but I'm having a mild migraine myself. I'm doing my best here :p

    It'll blow over :kiss: usually does. Just don't make her get you a toy :p

  13. *sigh* Mothers. My mother does that too *cuddles*

    So she's angry about a tiny mistake you made, that you freaked out about, but you fixed and it's now okay? That's a bit unfair of her. I don't see why she would say that sort of thing though. But hey, it'll blow over either later or tomorrow, so just stay out of her path? I know it's difficult when you sort of live together, but hey. She's your mother. You'll just have to live with it for a while, and as frustrating as it may seem, it gets better :kiss:

  14. Woop! Hold my shoes, I got some reading to do!

  15. I am pretty sure you posted this the other day, but my birthday is the day before yours :eek:

    *blown away*

  16. YHaaaaaaaay!


    I made Chicken Tikka Masala. Indian food <3


    I should get an award for posting on here and gaming

  17. Have fun tonight :happy:


    I'm cooking atm, having shitloads of fun :D

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