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  1. This place is like hotel California. I can never leave :(

  2. Saying I'm 20 feels weird.

  3. I'm alright thank you! And yourself?

  4. Don't know if you still hang around and about here, but I just want to pay my halfyearly visit and say hello :LOL::kiss:

  5. Oh you know, I don't hang around enough :(

  6. fucker


    love you too

  7. 1. He's swedish. 2. He's swedish. 3. He's swedish. 4. He's swedish. 5. He's swedish. 6. He's swedish. 7. He's swedish. 8. ginger.
  8. Hello Mister Niall. Could you change my name to "Kris." please?

  9. I think him being a bit wonky in general is really cute:$
  11. :LOL: oh well. it's their beliefs :happy:
  12. from pittcountry to norcountry? Neeeeeeh... might not work lol

  13. make me one too pwetty please :supersad:

  14. YOU WILL GET A BACONSANDWICH. and you shall eat it.

  15. I'd usually be more help, but I'm having a mild migraine myself. I'm doing my best here :p

    It'll blow over :kiss: usually does. Just don't make her get you a toy :p

  16. *sigh* Mothers. My mother does that too *cuddles*

    So she's angry about a tiny mistake you made, that you freaked out about, but you fixed and it's now okay? That's a bit unfair of her. I don't see why she would say that sort of thing though. But hey, it'll blow over either later or tomorrow, so just stay out of her path? I know it's difficult when you sort of live together, but hey. She's your mother. You'll just have to live with it for a while, and as frustrating as it may seem, it gets better :kiss:

  17. Woop! Hold my shoes, I got some reading to do!

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