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Found 2 results

  1. from the manson site http://mansons.co.uk/shopping/categories/manson-signature-guitars/manson-signature-guitars/mb1-standard/ Product Description Mansons Guitar Shop are Pleased to announce the new Matthew Bellamy Signature Guitars. We are offering the MB-1 range with custom options available to select from the drop menu up on the right hand side. MB-1 Standard with/without Midi Control Screen Specs- Alder Body Birds Eye Maple Neck Rosewood Fingerboard MBK-2 Bridge Humbucker Fernandes Sustainer Humbucking Neck Pickup Fixed Bridge Gotoh 510 Machine Heads Kill Switch Volume, Tone Sustainer On/Off Switch Sustainer – Harmonic/Fundamental Switch 3-way Pickup Selector Switch Manson Deluxe Logo Hard Case This guitar is available in two finishes – Matt Black or for £200 extra, gloss Red Glitter. It is available with or without a Midi Control Screen - £300 price difference. It is also possible to special order the custom made round machine head buttons and control knobs as seen on Matthew’s first two Manson Guitars. The price difference for these handmade items is a £250 upcharge. Delivery is expected to start from summer 2009 and orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis. You can order online and pay in full now or you can contact us to arrange putting down a minimum holding deposit of £1000. Please note all payments are Non Refundable. For all of our international customers we can only accept direct bank transfers as payment. This is for both yours and our security. You can order online using your credit or debit card, which will not be debited, to get yourself in the queue but your payment will not be authorized. We will then contact you with our bank details to organize the transfer. Contact Details – Tel – 01392 496379
  2. Ok, so i decided to start an all new definitive wiring thread, seeing as how there's a whole bunch of all over the place non specific threads out there. Also, i've a bit of an issue with my build. Before people go posting random shite requests, from my research, one of the best wiring guide sites out there is the seymour duncan one. It's generally not pickup specific, and includes such things as kill switches, bass wirings, trebble bleeds, vintage fender wiring etc. For example, the kill switch diagram on the site, using a DPDT switch, will give you an on/off/on set up, just like that (thanks to tomrulz for pointing that out!) Seymour Duncan Wiring Site As for more specific problems, i'll get the ball rolling!! Basically, i'm going for 2 humbuckers, 1 volume, 1 tone, and a 3 way toggle switch. I got the wiring diagram from the seymour duncan site, but what i'm just wondering is, with a 3 way toggle, does the switch leave you with one position being just neck, the middle swtting as a blend, and the third as just the bridge?
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