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  1. The DD3 has all youll ever need from a delay pedal. If morello can live of a dd2, you can pwn on a dd3.
  2. toff

    Doms Drums

    I think a contract should come with each purchase of a left handed drum set, "Must buy a double kick pedal and learn to play open handed".
  3. ohshi, i thought that said korn then, my interest in getting dreds all came flooding back.
  4. toff

    Doms Drums

    Now im imagining 65% of soundmen wear orange boiler suits, moaning about everything. The boiler suits are for personal taste, redtubes not working for me atm.
  5. toff

    Doms Drums

    Tbf when you display your badge of lefty pride, you should at least be polite enough to do it for them. Anyway, whos too lazy to spend a minute moving a few drums around. lazy sound cunts!
  6. toff

    Doms Drums

    Is one permenantly closed? Id imagine it would be, for double kicking, which is a fairly common thing to do.
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