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Best album '99 - '18

Claudia O

Fave Muse album is:  

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  1. 1. Fave Muse album is:

    • Showbiz
    • Oos
    • Abso
    • Bh&r
    • Resistance
    • T2l
    • Drones
    • ST

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Origin of Symmetry - Thrashy punk energy, metal riffs, prog sensibilities, classical piano, and old computer game synths all come together in a brilliant, unique explosion of creativity that then slowly descends into equally compelling dark, atmospheric oddities. And Matt's voice and melodies are breathtakingly brilliant. It still doesn't really sound like anyone else.


Absolution - Their space-rock, apocalyptic sci-fi pinnacle that really pushed their prog elements while producing some of their best and most ambitious material. It perhaps feels a touch ponderous at times now, but there isn't a bad track on it and it still comes across as their most epic and cohesive statement.


Black Holes and Revelations - This added a dose of fun and lightheartedness to the sci-fi rock party and it worked superbly creating some wonderful tracks. In some ways their creativity was perhaps at its height here, with a myriad of styles and moods. Although partially as a result, it lacks a bit in consistency, with some cheesy ballads creeping in. Still wonderful though.



Simulation Theory

The Resistance




The 2nd Law

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