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Perturbator, Dance With The Dead, Lazerhawk, Lost Years, Dynatron, GosT, Waveshaper, Sung, Daniel Deluxe, Makeup and Vanity Set, Wice, Carpenter Brut, Lueur Verte, etc.


Or just check New Retrowave Youtube channel.

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There are so many layers and aspects of this song to enjoy.


I love how Matt delivers a different vocal tone for each chorus. The soft strings, the ominous synths and drums, beautiful piano and those wub wubs. Just a brilliant song and the acoustic version is equally great.


It's getting up there with Exo:Overture as my favourite slow muse song.

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do any of you out there who plays keys know what chord is played at 2:05 and again at 2:18/19?


it's either just a very odd chord...or a mistake repeated. my ears are pretty good, but i can't figure it out.


there's also something wonky going on at 2:15.


another RBS-like piano-playing flub that matt decided to run with and keep on the recording?


maybe will have to wait until i obtain the sheet music to find out.

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It’s an EbMaj7 in the acoustic version.


you are probably onto something. it just sounds weird to me in a lower octave for some reason. really weird. ...which is why matt probably picked it.


on the other hand, elton wrote some of his better (stranger/best) material in that key, so that prob explains why i latched onto it for some strange reason.


i still think something wonky is going on at 2:15.


sorry to get so technical in this thread all of a sudden. think i'll move into the tab board hereafter on this front.

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I’m not hearing anything too weird at 2:15, it’s descending Eb-D-C octaves in bass possibly with a fifth being played. Then the chords follow the ascending bass line Cm - Eb(Maj7) - two bars of Gm. If it kept climbing to a Bb, we’d have Undisclosed Desires. :chuckle:


Also the chord there is Eb, but the song is in G minor, where Eb is the VI chord. The general chord progression includes D7 and D7b9 chords with the F# note borrowed from G harmonic minor. There’s also a descending Csus - C - Cm section on “these delusions” with an E natural borrowed from G Dorian (or F major).


We can talk about this here, it’s perfectly on-topic. :)

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