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  1. new album before summer festivals in 2022, then a tour...but not quite as lengthy as they have been in the past (e.g. 18 months).
  2. 4 (relatively irrelevant songs) in a day-and-a-half doesn't solve the "rainy day." need the full gig to make people happy. i guess 5 total (including the Futurism "Christmas" gift is OK, but likely others want to see the others. in the meantime, i think they're far along on a ST tour stream/DVD release by now, given how early Matt was working on it. we'll see.
  3. remastering on both SB and OoS is simply ramping down the bass (why?), ramping up the middles a bit, adding clarity to vocals, boosting the snare, and jacking up the treble equalizations to, again, add clarity to bits that may not have been really wanted in the first place. nice to hear the various incorporations/layers a bit more, but not sure i'm satisfied with how the total RMs were executed...
  4. a "mail it in" sort of "gift" this time around.
  5. alternate version of recess should have been the basis for the main recording (w/ the piano). just sayin'.
  6. there are a few hidden snippets on disc 1. need time to get thru the rest. ordered two extras in case there's some sort of a gaffe post-wise. gonna have to compare the remasters to see if i can detect any noticeable differences...jury's out. again, need, some time... went thru the first couple tracks on vinyl...pressed decently. definitely not objectionable, really.
  7. they had to get a 20-year anniversary release out in 2019, otherwise the release would look a bit foolish/tardy. i wouldn't be surprised if warner is planning on posting pre-orders out even a bit early, given the heavy amount of general holiday mailings. the band is also, perhaps, employing a smaller pressing plant for the vinyl, as that is what usually causes delays of releases. stay tuned...
  8. yeah, although all of their "rigid box sets" have been some form/version of that minimalistic look with MUSE on the front. maybe they didn't want to stray too far away from that pattern...which, yes, is lazy. as for the vinyl, a mix of blues for showbiz and mix of yellow/orange for OoS. maybe they could've marbled/splattered the wax or something... and then you have the woman overlaying that blood orange-ified OoS album cover art in that one mock-up. don't know what to say about that...
  9. ordered from the muse store, but hopefully the shipment doesn't become an s***fest akin to the issues of some of the ST orders... maybe i'll also pre-order from RT as a backup; i can always cancel prior to shipment if need be.
  10. i was at a club gig in 2004 where PIB was played but the playlist has yet to be recovered -- though i think i know someone who may have it. in any case, PIB first to crack the 1,000 mark (on setlist.fm) is kinda surprising to me...sorta.
  11. all: if you have purchased a late 2015-2016 autographed tour poster within the last six months or so on eBay, send a message to the seller demanding he/she issue a refund immediately. the autographs on the posters are fake and the posters were never part of any promotional material for the tour, nor sold anywhere. if you receive no response, demand a refund from the seller through eBay immediately if purchased within the last 30 days. if purchased within the last 180 days, demand a refund through paypal. if you want more info on this, PM me.
  12. that's another 18+ months away...eek. i guess i'd take it...? and the north americans didn't get bliss b/c...they don't know it, on the whole? matt prob. had too much of a tight bootyhole to play it in fear of poor responses. oh well, the production alone, and one random insertion (aside from the odd UD inclusion from about a week ago) into, yes, inertia, is really hogtying this tour. EDIT: upon further reflection, i would take an Origin of Muse thing-a-ma-jig + Showbiz 20th thing + a re-mastering of their first four albums.
  13. matt channeled philip glass, factored in some simple orchestral work, added some falsetto vocals at the end, and called it quits.
  14. end title from the international is a better solo comp., but this isn't totally abysmal.
  15. be advised: do not purchase any "autographed" poster on eBay until further notice.
  16. all kinds of weird logistics have been in play at various gigs to date as far as GA/floor/pit entry is concerned, so...until a further course of facilitating a consistent, coordinated entry is employed, it's a crapshoot.
  17. depending on the size of the arena floor, the "barrier" holds closer to 200 from the far edge of stage right, along/around the catwalk, and to the far edge of stage left (also dependent on the girth of the people on the "barrier", ha). 'hundreds' may have been overstating a bit, but there is definitely enough room for both tiers of VIPs and at least a few lucky GAs to get to the barrier, if coordinated correctly.
  18. the band gets their typical cut of a general GA ticket, a very small slice of the VIP upcharge, and CID gets the remainder. most of the premium goes to CID. also, the "barrier" is very large when considering the existence of a ramp, so, easily, a few hundred VIPs (both tiers) and a good number of lucky lottery GA peeps can get "barrier" spots. so long as five minutes successfully gets VIPs on to the floor prior to any general GA peeps, i think that's sufficient. execution, however, is another topic altogether.
  19. typical sunday night, enervated crowd. on to phoenix.
  20. i was stopped at a light. we would be talking about illegality if i was on the move and posting simultaneously. parked now at the venue. mishmash of people still milling about the premises outside.
  21. i'm driving around rn and it's a nice 15º C. it gets hot here, but not in Feb.
  22. at least they didn't schedule houston / dallas on consecutive nights like last tour, which resulted in all kinds of hell.
  23. VIPs get a 5 minute head start to the floor before general GA is allowed inside.
  24. i’m on board with them cramming more in, it just needs to be crammed with a better mix of material. and i’m used to/enjoy an elaborate production, but there is just SO much going on all over the place...all the time...it’s hard to know where/at what to look at times. EDIT: still getting used to the new forum interface, lol.
  25. at least resistance wasn’t played. and contrary to matt’s thinking, the crowd reacted decently well when snippets of older songs were played. and i agree about the speedrunning through their career bit. and not just re: the medleys. the whole gig felt like a race to the finish line, with very little let-up and a whole lot of insane stage production that almost overtakes the music at times. which is exactly what i expected.
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