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French interviews

Claudia O

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For M6 France



For TF1



Can someone hear what they say?...


For Bmftv




for I Tele



4 questions to Muse. Finakly, with subtitles :)))))



Audio interview for RTL 2




Virgin France Radio interview with Matt


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Dom: The stage is at the very center so the audience is everywhere around us. It creates much better eye-contact and greater proximity.


Matt: We played in the US, and we expect much more enthousiastic crowds in France.


Dom: French fans have always been very special. Their reaction to our music is phenomenal.


Matt: Those drones are autonomous, they fly by themselves, they are not controlled. The lights are automatic too, they follow us. Everything is automated.


About their free time

Matt: We're gonna go to Le Louvre, walk around, go to see the Eiffel Tower, tourist things. She's looking at me [the interviewer] and her expression says "it's not interesting, move on".

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It's sort of just the accumulation of all the negative things he's said.

Other than this, there were at least three separate things that came out of the Houston/Dallas shows that amounted to him saying he hated US crowds.


And in '12 he told an old work collegue during an informal interview that his favorite part of the US tour is when it's over.

That's maybe a bit more specific?


I'm a big proponent of not badmouthing your paying fans because they don't live up to your very specific expectations.

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I'm not usually into analysing the band's responses to things but the way he said it and that little laugh he gave afterwards seemed to imply that he was calling the US crowds dull. Not outright ragging on them but still suggesting that the European crowds are better. That's how it came across to me, anyway. Not too bad on it's own but, like Serpent said, it only adds to the idea that they actively dislike touring there.


I think preferring a certain type of crowd is fine and natural but it's a bit harsh to actually come out and say it or treat those fans differently/worse because of it, especially when you've only just come from touring there.

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To be fair, if i were Matt, I would be pissed off after that iHeartRadio thing in 2013.


Why though? They must've known what they were signing up for with that gig, especially judging by the rest of the lineup. Seems like it was just another case of Muse wanting to get bigger in America by marketing themselves towards casual mainstream pop audiences but expecting to then draw energetic hard rock crowds. Just doesn't make sense.


Plus, it seems like his dislike towards playing in the US goes further back than 2013.

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I posted a new interview in the first post, that laugh of Matt! :D


But again, what are they talking about??


Matt being a smartass when asked how he found the new stage he answered I just walked down the stairs and there it was!!

Srsly he mentioned that he likes the 365 stage because every time they turn around there are facing people happy to see them.


Finally they mentioned that it is an emotional time playing in Paris as the girlfriend of one of their tech guys was a the EODM gig at the Bataclan so they are here to celebrate music and what it represents for people.

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The part about French crowds being more enthousiastic didn't strike me as snarky (nor did the laugh), tbh. I mean if they translated well he said "expect", not "look forward to" or "happy to play for". So umh, merely an observation.

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Matt: This is a new technology, we have those flying objects above the stage. It's a bit dangerous because they're not always working properly.


Dom: We tried different things: orchestral music, slow music, a powerful sound, some electronic influences, too. We tried to make those ours and that had a massive impact on how we sound today.


When we play on that stage, we can see the first rows very well, we can feel their reaction directly, and it is such an incredible feeling to see how we touch/move them with our music.


Also i didn't mention it before but they're the first band to play at Bercy since it was renovated and upgraded to 20 000 attendees every night.

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