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Mind control and MUSE


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You are aware that Matt doesn't actually take this stuff seriously? He often laughs at the theories when he brings them up.


Not to mention that your "collection of information" is basically dumbed down summaries of wiki articles.


sorry, didn't realize you wanted everything cited and in APA.


you won't find 'symptoms' on wikipedia or anywhere else so take that information as you wish.

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Wait, you claim that we're being mind controlled and claim to have gathered info on the subject, but you mock the idea of giving us proof?


Anyway that's not even what I said. My point was that your research is pathetically weak. It's like a days worth of wiki reading.

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Wait, you claim that we're being mind controlled and claim to have gathered info on the subject, but you mock the idea of giving us proof?


Anyway that's not even what I said. My point was that your research is pathetically weak. It's like a days worth of wiki reading.




1. You don't know the amount of 'research' I have done. I sound like a fucking expert next to you as you're mentioning TV and ADS and you're OKAY when that is mentioned as a form of MIND CONTROL


but you are RESISTANT and AGAINST a post which mentions ELECTROMAGNETISM and a PSY-OP using DRUGS



"Wait, you claim that we're being mind controlled and claim to have gathered info on the subject, but you mock the idea of giving us proof"




I claimed that




am being mind controlled.






will share the information I have gathered as things to POTENTIALLY


believe is TRUTHFUL.












Everyone at Barclay's will be on the same landmass as a giant






AND maybe


some people DON'T



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This seems to be a good place to talk about this type of thing.


I live on Long Island.


I was born prematurely. ICU.


Birthdate adds up to 23.


I don't remember much of my childhood.


Markings on skin.


Fritz scared me and I want other people to weigh in before we all disappear.




1. I do not feel 'important' enough to be handled. I would like to escape it. It sucks.


2. Meds help but this is spooky science.


3. Help?




An incident occurred when I was given a white powder drug by a gentleman in a large city not far from my residence. He claimed it was cocaine. I spent time with this individual, and he continued to consume and offer this substance. Additionally, he asked me if I "sold Molly," if I would stash his drugs in a pipe on Long Island Rail Road property, if I would hold his drugs, and if I would enter a building. All of which made me wonder if he was some type of undercover cop or a narc or something. But I am not sure who he was. He is a Harvard student, a Freemason (one of harvard's chapters), and a Veteran (I think Army). He is also an activist ('50 Shades of Ferguson'). On his instagram page, he showed roughly $700 yuan with the hashtag #lightwork.


I theorize that #lightwork is wordplay. Because he was pretty cunning and clever. "Light" we know has significance in both /G\ and 'Illuminati and similar theories.' Work means he's getting paid.


I theorize that not all Masons are Good. Especially this One.


I believe that he is part of the mind control experiment, and was paid to see if I would:


a) Dissociate

b) Break Federal law

c) React to drugs in a specific way or pattern






the drug made me have schizophrenic-type symptoms that I had not experienced before.


During this time I started to hear voices in 'frequencies' which lines up with some of the literature online about mind control, psychological warfare, psy-ops etc.


The voices would 'trigger' different moods and mind states.


I would also receive pain to my joints, toes, fingers, back, genital and anal region.


Instant forgetting or loss of train of thought.


Since receiving medication, I do not hear voices, but there are sometimes breakthrough pain bursts. I do not know what type of sinister technology exists, and what type of people or person keep doing this to me, and why?


I am not famous or beautiful.


I want it to all stop.

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Anyone who believes in mind control and DOESN'T believe it's used in advertising/corporate interests clearly hasn't done enough research, or is completely blind to the facts because it's not as "cool" as talking about handlers, and MKUltra. (Or is off their meds, and in that case I do apologize.)


Just like Tjet said, our entire cultures and commerce are based on finding ways to make people feel they NEED something, because if they just WANT something, they might decide against it.

Making people feel shitty about themselves is a collective way of protecting entire industries (yes, like the makeup industry.)

If we like ourselves for who we are, for example, we'd buy less to make us look and feel better.

If the same clothing was always in style, you wouldn't need to buy something new all the time.

It's not even particularly malicious, it's just capitalism taken to harmful extremes.


We in America are pathetically easily triggered by words and ideas relating to religion, "patriotism," and bi-partisan politics, which is again a great way of keeping us easily politically controlled. Who benefits from a political system that's so polarized and hysterical? Certainly not us.

Most of the country still collectively shits itself when someone says "socialism" and most of them don't even know why.


Even down to things like upvoting or liking on social media, to make us want to tailor our thoughts to be acceptable to the masses, and constantly checking to see if we've been "liked" or someone replied to us.


But no, what we get are people aggressively and insultingly going on about chemtrails and genetic markers in flu shots, and suddenly EVERYONE who thinks everything isn't what it seems is a wackjob.


Because that's what conspiracy theorists like that really do... make everyone who speaks out on the real issues also look like a lunatic by association.


If you want this Muse related, Bellamy is a classic example; he spent so long going on about aliens and lizard people, and the Illuminati, etc that now that (at least in interviews) he's actually talking about real issues people will still always label him as a looney, or at least a celebrity desperate for immature attention.

I recently read an article where Tom DeLounge said he thought he'd been abducted by aliens or the government and implanted with things... and that article ended with "he's still more sane than Matt Bellamy."

That shit sticks with you.


Matt's also still for some reason resorting to the clichéd conspiracy theory imagery in his lyrics, too. "Men in cloaks," The Handler, etc, when in interviews he's talked about legitimate military issues, social brainwashing, the process of radicalization, and the dehumanizing of society; all the stuff I wish he'd dealt with better in the album.


tbf, I think something like The Handler, for instance, is just using that "Muse-esque" imagery but really is a break up song that explores the ideas of feeling like you have to conform to society, and getting overwhelmed in a controlling relationship. I mean, there's a reason he linked it to Showbiz.

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So if anyone ever reads this and has legitimate questions about feeling like something strange might be happening to you and you want support, please send me a private message or reply.


I didn't come here to have to immediately fight with morons. I wanted to hopefully talk with anyone who might be experiencing the same things.

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to the possibility that some individuals in the world are AFFECTED by mind control BEYOND TELEVISION AND MASS MEDIA


and why you are so quick to say someone who believes in this type of theory is off of their mark


It doesn't feel right to me


Are we listening to the same band

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