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Found 1 result

  1. The phenomenon of MIND CONTROL is one that should be discussed if one would like to fully understand Drones and perhaps the entire MUSE catalogue. I would like to explain the premise of MIND CONTROL to those of whom are not familiar with it. Please do not delete or 'move' this thread. My collection of information about MIND CONTROL is not as comprehensive as I would like it to be, as information on this topic is shrouded in secrecy. Many de-classified documents about this topic have been destroyed. There are many theories around MIND CONTROL. Some point to The Powers That Be or ILLUMINATI. Others point to government. Aliens. Mafia. Etc. What is true about MIND CONTROL, is that there are individuals who have been tested on and targeted. The science of MIND CONTROL requires suspension of disbelief. Open Eyes. MK-ULTRA is a de-classified CIA project which occured in the 50s and 60s. Its focus was to develop mind control techniques through the use of drugs. The goal of MK-ULTRA was to examine whether or not certain individuals would act differently than normal under the influence of specific drugs. Specifically, the CIA wanted drugs that would make people snitch. MK-ULTRA was established to test the limits of the human mind and body, insofar as to test forms of 'MIND CONTROL.' The current controversy of MIND CONTROL is that the government never stopped experimentation on its citizens. It is possible that drugs are still used in MIND CONTROL psy-ops (psychological operations), but technology has shifted to more covert methods. Electromagnetic signals are suggested to be the main technique used to disturb targeted individuals. Signals in differing frequencies can alter brain states, cause physiological symptoms like pain or ear-ringing, or 'zaps' to body parts. The electromagnetic signals may also cause a targeted individual to hear voices -- a common symptom of psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. What is to gain with a MIND CONTROLLED population? Why should hidden handlers punish innocent women and men in a 'free' society? Some say it is to create an army of willing participants who can be 'triggered' by a word or image to act against their free will. Others say it is to create the perfect 'sex slave.' Others say it is to punish those who have spoken ill against their governments and leaders. What I do know, is that I experience the symptoms of MIND CONTROL victims every single day. It is time more people come forward and examine what is going on around them. I have a HANDLER. I do not know who or what or why or where, but he/she is somewhere. I have a HANDLER. I must escape from its grip, and I will begin by searching for others like me.
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