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Mind control and MUSE


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How did we get in so much trouble?

Getting out just seems impossible

Oppression is persisting

I can't fight this brain conditioning

Our freedom's just a loan

Run by machines and drones

They've got us locked into their sights

Soon, they'll control what's left inside

Don't try to hide it

Don't tell me it's not there

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I'll take that as a yes


Apparently no one is discussing mind control and muse because no one is interested in the subject


And that's ok, because I am and I will continue to quote lyrics I believe are relevant to the theory and since this is on a forum it will exist in time as a portal for anyone in the future who wanted to read about the topic


The end

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If it bothers you that much, you can get a hearing aid that cancels it out, or get the bone that's vibrating operated on. Or just get used to it like the millions and millions of people who have simple tinnitus.


This type of tinnitus increases and decreases in pitch to the degree where it becomes painful. Often when I am looking up information about any alternative theories or trying to express a controversial opinion.


Thanks, though!

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Mine does that in my right ear, as well. I have lost the ability to pick up sounds in a lot of background noise. Sometimes it sounds like an electrical noise, sometimes a ring, sometimes a vacuum cleaner.

It's worse when it's quiet, or when I'm anxious.


It was a permanent side effect of a high dose antibiotic.

It's a side effect of a lot of drugs.


A good ENT will sort it out.

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