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Pick your ONE favourite song from each album


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come to think of it, it is pretty dumb how everyone just posts their favorite songs without anyone giving a shit about it :LOL: maybe someone gets some b33f for liking something unusual but that's it.


still... lists, man :eek:



space dementia

butterflies and hurricanes



survival (if only the lyrics were one tiny bit less shit)

the handler

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Hang on. Does this guy think The 2nd Law is bad? I can't tell...


I'm starting to believe he's got such a secret boner for T2L that he has to overdo it with the hate and insults out of embarrassment.

It's like, the only explanation that makes sense for "hating" something so trivial that much.

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Citizen Erased

Stockholm Syndrome

Map Of The Problematique

Undisclosed Desires

Isolated System

The Handler


After some side-adventures with songs like Darkshines, HTAILY, Micro Cuts, RBS etc, I've eventually come back to the classics like CE and SS. They're simply amazing.

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