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  1. I may be wrong but I think Muse would be much more likely. This is only TRNSMT's second year so I'm not sure if it's big enough globally yet. Since it started all the headliners have been from the UK with the exception of the Killers who seem to have sort of thing for the UK. Then again, if the Foo Fighters were getting rumoured then I might be way off the mark. In conclusion: I have no idea.
  2. To each their own I guess, has never appealed to me. Obviously not what I think but ok On the topic of the next muse album, does Matt really mean stuff like madness when he's talking about hip hop beats? If not then I'd be curious to hear how it turns out. At this point though I think no matter what genre they do, there seems to be a constant queen/U2 influence which has been what's disappointed me most about the recent albums.
  3. In regards to the points about analysing Muse's music, I think it's perfectly acceptable to analyse the lyrics and so on. Art is always open to interpretation so why not discuss it? P.S. I think Thom Yorke has to be one of the most overrated lyricists around, Radiohead are another band who interest me much more musically than anything else.
  4. Yeah it would be cool if they went in that direction for the next album.
  5. I think Stockholm Syndrome sums up Muse well. Heavy riffs, the minor vocal melodies, falsetto, synth arpegios, change in pace for chorus etc. Even the chord progressions in it are very 'muse-y' I'd say.
  6. Got there after 6 last night and managed to get second row from barrier, the queuing doesn't seem necessary for this one. Strongly considering getting a ticket for tonight too, last night was so good. Also, probably because it was only my 2nd Muse gig, even songs like SMBH, Uprising and Starlight seem great live too. Also thought Madness was played at a good time for a breather.
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