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2015.09.21 - Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China


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The show listing has disappeared from the Damai site. Trying to find out more details from a journalist friend at That's Shanghai.


[EDIT] it reappeared and tickets went on sale... I now have some :)


The optimist in me is hoping that the inevitable China setlist restrictions means there will be some rarities in the set. The pessimist in me thinks that they will play a shorter set.

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The lists of approved songs for the China gigs are circulating on Weibo (China's version of Twitter/Facebook). I won't link to it due to the spoiler issues but if you search for MUSE (and can understand Chinese) you should be able to find it.

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Surely they'll play some songs from Drones...guess they still need to get those approved. A couple of approved rarities (at least for the USA) already. There's definitely potential for an interesting setlist!


The song title translations :LOL: but these aren't as good as the 紅歌 titles that fans on Weibo created a while back

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The ticket prices for Muse at this venue are lower than those set for Taylor Swift who has three sold-out concerts scheduled here in early November. VIP package tickets for her shows are in the range of the equivalent of USD 350-700.


The Rolling Stones and Metallica are notable rock bands who have played at this indoor arena in recent years.


The end-stage configuration capacity for this venue is about 13,000 so expect about 8-11k to attend each of the upcoming shows for global touring superstars Muse and Taylor Swift.

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Given swearing is banned, Psycho is definitely out (as is Panic Station, assuming they considered bringing that one back). Would assume Uprising and Knights of Cydonia are also banned. IMO, the only Drones lyrics that read like they might be allowed in are Dead Inside and Aftermath (and maybe Reapers). Maybe they'll bring back Survival.

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Wait... swearing is banned? Wow.


And can Matt refrain from shoving fucks into songs for a night or two?

Maybe more of an issue is Matt/Dom saying "You've been fucking amazing" at the end, like they normally do.

Psycho can be played if they ommit the "fucking" like Linkin Park did with their songs.


Also i doubt Reapers is gonna be played given it talks about the CIA and killing by mind control :LOL:

Perhaps. But is stuff like "I could use someone who'll kill on my command and ask no questions" really that appropriate?


And yeah, maybe not. Was Drones even released in China?

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So will this gig be going ahead? Muse are pretty much the last band standing of all the acts planning to visit China this autumn (Maroon 5 and Bon Jovi "cancelled due to some reason" and Robbie Williams pulling out of his Asia tour).


Fingers remain crossed but a ticket for HK has been purchased as a contingency!

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There are still several hundred good 680 Yuan tickets available according to the official online ticket seller. Almost all of the highest priced tickets and lowest priced tickets for Muse are sold out so I anticipate a nearly filled arena.


Ed Sheeran attracted just over 7,000 attendees at his concert at this venue back in March 2015 and the Rolling Stones had just under 11,000 at their show at this same Shanghai arena back in March 2014.


By comparison, Taylor Swift has already sold out her three gigs in November 2015 with over 30,000 fans expected in attendance.

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My friend is travelling through China at the moment and was at this show. I mentioned the possible setlist vetting and he's just replied and said it seemed like a fairly normal setlist but they did play Citizen Erased (thought that might have got the censors excited?)


He also said the light show was a fraction of what he's seen Muse roll out in the UK - effectively just the band and some lights!


It started at 8pm local time (which I think is 1pm BST) with no support. The show was 90 minutes.


Looks like setlist.fm has something more complete now - 18 songs.


Uprising is a notable but unsurprising absentee.

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