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  1. One other thought - there can't be many acts that have played more shows at the O2 - this is Muse's fourth tour playing there from what I can recall. I know Prince did 21 nights but they must have played a decent number...
  2. I may have been the only person around here that missed out on all the pre-sale fun chat as I was on holiday.... but I got tickets through general sale this morning. One tip if you are still to buy - sorry it's a bit late - axs.com normally have the most tickets for the O2 (per my friend that used to work for the O2) and they also now do mobile tickets which should save you a postage charge.
  3. Belisha Beacon

    How much?

    Top seats = top money? You can stand or sit somewhere else in the venue of course. I don't think Muse are expensive compared with similar bands especially given the show they put on.
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