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  1. One other thought - there can't be many acts that have played more shows at the O2 - this is Muse's fourth tour playing there from what I can recall. I know Prince did 21 nights but they must have played a decent number...
  2. I may have been the only person around here that missed out on all the pre-sale fun chat as I was on holiday.... but I got tickets through general sale this morning. One tip if you are still to buy - sorry it's a bit late - axs.com normally have the most tickets for the O2 (per my friend that used to work for the O2) and they also now do mobile tickets which should save you a postage charge.
  3. Belisha Beacon

    How much?

    Top seats = top money? You can stand or sit somewhere else in the venue of course. I don't think Muse are expensive compared with similar bands especially given the show they put on.
  4. If there is a barrier it would be first come first served I would imagine. Wristbands to allow you to go in and out of the front section during the show.
  5. Here is the map for Muse. Looks like seating is at the front of every block and goes up pretty close.
  6. Ha! My girlfriend is City so it's a dream come true for her (not sure the swear filter will allow me to repeat your nickname for them...) . At least they are coming to the west of England, I live in London so everything is "easy" for me but it must be so frustrating to see the biggest bands just play London and Manchester.
  7. When you select "reserved seat - 2" (or whatever) Scroll down to the bottom and click "Best available >" which is the default search and you can refine it by price and/or stand. Seated prices £97.90, £76.45, £49.50, £38.50. West and east are the sides. W12- W14 and E32-E31 are the best lower tier blocks. W3 the best upper tier. Expect to be far away in the third and fourth price categories. But you should expect to get the best (and most expensive) seats by default when searching for Best Available.
  8. Sorted for block W13 row 27. £198.25 for 2 seats - my Bristolian girlfriend is short and likes a seat. I like a good view Will stand at another show. First time hitting Best Available I got block W14 row 15. You get 10 minutes to enter your card details so I went around one more time with a different browser to see if I could improve it. There's no seating plan on the Ticketmaster website, ridiculously, you can be sure it'll be the same as the Spice Girls one though (without the premium bit I guess).... Also general admission is "standing / unreserved seating" I would guess the South stand is the unreserved seating. Love these album pre-order windows. Good luck to those trying at 9 and on Friday
  9. I got nothing on Wednesday and nothing today. I am away from home so had to suffer on a mobile browser but I have good signal. Not ideal and did not have high expectations. Death by Capcha is no way to spend your holiday, nor indeed your first hour at work Pleased that a lot of keen fans appear to have grabbed tickets, hope you have the time of your lives
  10. My friend is travelling through China at the moment and was at this show. I mentioned the possible setlist vetting and he's just replied and said it seemed like a fairly normal setlist but they did play Citizen Erased (thought that might have got the censors excited?) He also said the light show was a fraction of what he's seen Muse roll out in the UK - effectively just the band and some lights! It started at 8pm local time (which I think is 1pm BST) with no support. The show was 90 minutes. Looks like setlist.fm has something more complete now - 18 songs. http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2015/mercedes-benz-arena-shanghai-china-4bf4935a.html Uprising is a notable but unsurprising absentee.
  11. I've had nothing yet. Maybe they will all be sent out after the general sale on Friday.
  12. Regarding the prices, this is a big step up from what we've seen in the past - they have always been pretty good value on previous tours, and have said so too, so a bit of a shame to see such a hike. Radiohead were £70-75 for standing at the O2 in 2012 whereas Muse were still in the £50-55 bracket the same year (can't remember exactly how much they cost) which made me think "yeah, you are normally quite good value". They are throwing in a free copy of the album which is hopefully a sweetener to some, this gesture would have made more sense if the tour was on sale before the album was released though!!
  13. Yes I found this too. Pondered why for two minutes then realised I was using the first code on the Members page which is only for the French shows! I wanted standing on the Monday but happy enough with standing on the Tuesday!
  14. The timer is based on your own computer's clock and so does not exactly correspond to what Ticketmaster are planning - though I think this is misleading as it appears the website is telling you something very accurate. if anyone is having trouble with access codes, as my friend and I were, make sure you are using the right code for your date. When you log in to the members area, the first code you see is only for the French shows!
  15. I'd like to get a ticket to this too. Looks like a lovely little jaunt across the water for those in the UK not going to Download. http://www.festicket.com/ say their packages for this show are not yet on sale. A possible hope though if the general sale was 3 months ago perhaps a remote one...
  16. Missed out, gutted. Would love a spare if any going.
  17. If not Glastonbury then possibly one of those runs of Hyde Park shows that happen in early July? They are normally billed as "(Hard Rock) Calling Festival" or "British Summer Time" or even completely independent gigs such as Arcade Fire in 2011, but they effectively amount to a mini-festival all the same. An independent festival-style gig would allow Download to still have a festival exclusive too. It looks like it won't be BST as that is the same weekend as Glastonbury at the moment and Taylor Swift is already headlining their free day though there was a second weekend of it when the Stones played. The Calling Festival has typically had some fairly hard rock commercial bands playing and nothing has been announced for that yet, so something like that would be my tip. But like others I really just want more UK dates.
  18. Because of Werchter? I wouldn't worry about that damanging their overall chances of being at Glasto. Bands very often play both, if I recall correctly all 3 Glastonbury headliners in 2008 also played Werchter. If anything I'd say playing there increases the chances of them playing other festivals on the surrounding days.
  19. I'll be there tonight and I'm very excited. I'm really hoping for Falling Down, I was quite alarmed to see it was skipped for the first time this tour on Wednesday (I saw Ruled by Secrecy plenty of times in 2003/4)! . Would also love to see Big Freeze as it's one of my favourites from the new album but I know that hasn't been played yet so I won't hold out much hope! Whatever they play I'll be happy. Based on my friends who queued from dawn for Radiohead, if anyone queued overnight it would have been outdoors - the complex opens at about 9am each day.
  20. Got a standing ticket through Ticketmaster for this show. It all worked surprisingly easily - in contrast the to the nightmares others seem to have had. My friend got his through the ballot so we're all happy.
  21. Yippee! Can't wait. I have a list of friends waiting for a copy of this too you'll be making a lot of people very happy!
  22. It's a Tom Waits track - apparently from the 1999 album "Mule Variations" (it's on Spotify).
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