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Full interview for radio.com


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Matt told Kevin and Bean in the KROQ interview that they will play the almost acoustic Christmas thing. I thought that's what Matt was referring to.


I would not prefer Coachella. But it would be better if it were something in the summer. For me. You know. They need to work around my schedule. :LOL:


EDIT: NVMND he was clearly joking about Acoustic Christmas.

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Doesn't sound like the 20th anniversary gigs are happening then. Apparently they might just play a couple of older songs at the festivals they're playing.

Hey, relax; that's was just a rehearsal for our 20 year anniversary tour!
Lol, yeah so much for that. Unless they just aren't announcing it until later, but it doesn't seem like it. But I guess playing them at a few festivals is still good.
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