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"Muse: We will play UK gig for 20th" - Belfast Telegraph


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Not sure if this article has been put up yet, but this was said during a press call at the World War Z premiere t'other day:

Muse have said they are sure they will be playing a UK gig to mark their 20th year as a band next year.


Speaking at the World War Z premiere, which includes music from their new album and was followed by a gig in St James Park, Muse said they hoped to mark the milestone with something special.


Singer Matt Bellamy said: "We're not sure, we've been thinking about it. I'm sure we're going to play in the UK somehow, somewhere.


"It might be some little gig or a festival or something, but we're going to try and come up with an idea for that, yeah."


Drummer Dominic Howard added: "We definitely want to do something special."


The band's music is featured in Brad Pitt's zombie movie World War Z and Matt explained how the collaboration came about.


He said: "We were making our album and I was actually reading the book World War Z and I loved the book.


"The coincidence was that they got in touch with us to get involved with the scoring of the film and we weren't available because we were making the album. Part of the album had a bit of an influence from the book anyway.


"A few months later when they started filming they got in touch with us and said they'd love to listen to the album and see if it went in the direction they were looking for. There were two songs that stood out, one in particular Isolated System, which they've used throughout the entire film."


Isolated System is on Muse's sixth studio album, The 2nd Law, out now.

Original Source: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/entertainment/music/news/muse-we-will-play-uk-gig-for-20th-29316107.html

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Would have been interested in knowing what part of the album had been influenced by the book, considering we were all just recently arguing how none of the songs fit the movie. :LOL:


Book was fucking great, btw. Not so sure about the movie. :erm:


Isolated System perhaps...

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Possibly, possibly not.

Also just says the film people listened to the album, and picked the songs themselves.

Didn't Matt say Isolated System had a space theme when he wrote it? About the overcrowded/noisy planet from an outside view?

I could have hallucinated that, to be fair.


I interpreted "part of the album" as more than one song, but could be wrong.

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If you go by what Matt's said about Survival, it's about everything.


I desperately hope this 'show' is a Muse headline performance, not a festival appearance.


Two nights at a decent venue (ideally not a stadium or massive outdoor venue) would be ace. How about two Earls Court Xmas gigs to mark 20 years of Muse and 10 years since selling out EC twice?

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I hope it's a big venue (Slane Castle?), not Earls Court. Too many fans wouldn't have the chance to be there.


That's in Ireland.


I like the idea of Muse doing a few small venues across the UK and then ending with a big gig in Devon or Cornwall. That would be a good 20th anniversary tour, but I daresay they're more likely gonna do a one-off gig rather than a succession of gigs.

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