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  1. Queue is several hundred long, maybe 400-500. If you consider that some people will be in the queue buying multiple tickets for other people, getting there then will be pushing it, but you may as well give it a shot.
  2. Anyone know how many tickets are gonna be sold?
  3. Apart from the heavy bit which is pretty good... It's basically Explorers.
  4. I think it's one of the best things Muse has produced in a very long time, don't get me wrong. However, I wish it was just a couple of BPM higher (only a couple). It would also, I think, sound really good with some great Chris backing vocals a la Dead Star. And I wish the bass was a bit louder but I've boosted it myself already.
  5. Yeah but what's the point of subtly putting that sound in the background of the end of Reapers if it doesn't mean anything. Because it definitely was there.
  6. So what happened to the Yellow Brick road stuff at the end of Reapers? How come it doesn't feature on Handler?
  7. Biiiit slow. I reckon they could have cranked it up by a couple of bpm.
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