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  1. Now everything's clear! The girl loves the song everybody hates...
  2. 1. Guitar / Bass / Drums / Piano (synth) / Vocals 2. Knights of Cydonia on guitar: That ending riff is so awesome to play, I can't control myself when this part arrives and start headbanging. (others would be Micro Cuts, Uprising, Survival and Fury, though I haven't played the last one in a long time) Panic Station on bass: Just love that opening riff! (Hysteria used to be my favorite obviously...) Stockholm Syndrome on drums: Insane drumming there. (others would be New Born, Citizen Erased or Sunburn) Apocalypse Please on piano (synth): Love the violent attack on that piano! (others would be Feeling Good, Survival or Endlessly) Muscle Museum on vocals: Pretty much that one, love the chorus intensity. (others would be Plug In Baby, Micro Cuts, Feeling Good, Sing For Absolution and Starlight, though I like pretty much all of them ) 3. No to all! Favorite would be Space Dementia.
  3. November 26th 2014 for their 20th anniversary and they'll play this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-3v_MsZwtc ...And throw Guiding Light in there and close with Starlight
  4. I didn't, because I want to make up for my past mistakes and write a song that will make you forget Guiding Light...
  5. Great review timberley, very nice to read! I was there the first night, and the show was completely amazing, far better than The Resistance tour, even though I also liked the stage, I thought the sound was a lot clearer on The 2nd Law tour. I completely lost my voice for a week, sang along the whole show, very nice setlist, though I would have love to be there the second night just for Micro Cuts and PIB... Really enjoyed the show!
  6. Removed the 's', still doesn't seem to work...
  7. Hi! When I try to put my SoundCloud page link in my profile, it just doesn't work, it doesn't appear when I post on the forum. Help please!
  8. It depends I guess, I think Starlight is a nice way to end the show, though Sing For Absolution would be awesome, maybe Megalomania?
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