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Facebook - Muse March Madness song tournament


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Anyone care to participate in a Muse song tournament? Then join our Muse March Madness group! Muse March Madness is a single-elimination tournament featuring 64 Muse songs to determine the ultimate fan favorite. Each day there will be a poll listing the songs that are up for that round. The first round will be up tomorrow.


Find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/342324099220345/



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You're missing out. :phu: I wouldn't say anyone's taking it THAT seriously. No punches have been thrown.


I wanted to punch people :(


It's mainly because I hate the admin of the other page :LOL:


Ok I'll join, since you request the honour of my presence :phu:

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Whatever version of Assassin is not enough to beat beautiful City of Delusion. Humph. :phu:

This tournament has turned me into a bitter person, ugh. haha


:LOL: It's all fun and games, until someone's favorite song gets the axe!


WELL IT'S ASSASSIN, NOT DEBASE MASON'S GROG :phu: CoD needs a bit of love.





I guess so. I love them both. It was the most difficult choice for me.


CoD > Ass



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