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  1. I have now experienced VIP. It started out sketchy. There were issues with verifying VIP purchasers and we had to wait in the sun while they sorted it out. Things got much better. The artifacts were displayed all around in the lounge and it was interactive. One of Matt's Mansons and one of Chris's basses were set up so you could put on a headset and play along to Psycho. The CID hosts said those guitars had just been onstage a few days ago. Dom's 2nd Law drum kit was there too, and you could sit on the stool and take pics. Their Grammy was there, old effects pedals, outfits, all kinds of things. The food was good, and refreshed throughout the night. Drinks were about $10 each at the cash bar, but you got your money's worth as they were quite strong. The lounge was air conditioned, which was a major benefit in the heat. There was no GA at this venue, but at 5:30 we were lined up and allowed early access to merch and to our seats. My son and I bought shirts and went to check out seating, which was 4th row center. I saw no point in standing in the sun while we could be sipping fruity drinks in air conditioning, so we went back inside. Had there been GA, I would have been ecstatic. Normally, we get to a gig about four-five hours before doors and run for the barrier. This has always worked, as I have a no-purse policy at concerts which gets me through security quite fast. Our VIP gift was a Muse backpack. Would we get VIP again? Definitely, if there is a GA option.
  2. Don't worry-he's not in trouble
  3. Has anyone been to a concert at this venue before? I'm trying to figure out how big of a GA pit area is yhere. The seating chart on the Starlight's website makes it look like there isn't room for one. Thanks
  4. Early entry sounds wonderful. I'm afraid my son and I don't have GA though. He sent me the initial email and it has us in seats in P1 row ddd. I asked him if it gave him the option to get GA and he said no. I love my child (he's 23), but he's been wrong before. He probably wouldn't admit it if he thought back and realized he did get the wrong seats. I looked at the seating chart for Starlight in Kansas City, and at least they are very close seats. I'm still hoping I'm reading the receipt wrong. This is my 13th Muse show since 2004 and his 10th. I got a head start because he was too young.
  5. Has anyone bought the Follow Me VIP? My son bought our tickets-VIP-and he just sent me a screenshot of an email stating where/when, and that the early admission was only for those who purchased GA. Silly me assumed VIP would include GA. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  6. I called the Moda center to check-Will Call opens at noon. I was at the Dallas show that didn't start until 10:40 pm and I am hoping all the kinks are worked out now. I'm looking forward to seeing the drones flying in Sunday
  7. I am scared. I drove from Oklahoma City to Dallas and didn't get back home until 4:30 am. The show seemed rushed. No encore, they just played straight through. No drones either. Next week I am flying to Portland to see my 13th show. The distance from Seattle to PDX is about the same as Houston to Dallas. If they reschedule I am screwed. Non-refundable air fare, for starters.
  8. I think this will be the turning point on the album. Considering the lyrics, it's rather upbeat. Hopeful. But that's what it's meant to be, a turning point for the protagonist to realize he can fight back and no longer be "Psycho." I'm looking forward to hearing Drones tell the story start to finish. There's just this moment, I can't quite put my finger on it, that I feel like I'm in church. However, maybe that's meant to be?
  9. Should be fun! Just sent you an email
  10. My second-born just had a son, and it suddenly struck me while I was pausing to catch my breath that I was a grandma in a corset top at the barrier. Totally embarassing my elders son too! But yeah, I'm not gonna stop anytime soon I was pretty irritated with the venue. I queued early, about three hours, and despite being at the front of the line got held up getting through the doors because of the paperless will call printing. I think it's a good idea in general but they should have split the line for those of us with tickets in hand. And what was up with getting inside and lining up again to get to the floor? By the time my line started moving the barrier was so full we almost didn't get our spot. However, we did and Muse were brilliant. Still, glad it wasn't just me frustrated with the venue.
  11. Great gig I'm 39, and my 19-year-old and I drove down from OKC for this show. We were on the barrier and shook Matt's hand! We saw them from the stands in Tulsa and I was really hoping for Sunburn this time around-not disappointed! Kinda feeling like I'm getting to old for this sometimes, but I was jumping around more than the teenager
  12. Just a few more days! Saw them last night in Tulsa, OK. This will be my #11
  13. Great show for my number 10! Can't wait to see them again next week in Dallas. I was surprised to see Isolated System first, but love that you never know what to expect.
  14. I was so pleased with the set! I was up front, just a few people back and almost got squashed when Matt went through the crowd. This was my 9th Muse gig and the only thing I missed was the giant eyeballs full of confetti. Sunburn! Wow!
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