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  1. This song is like a lot of Muse somgs for me on the first listen. I wasn't even sure how to follow along. But it definitely draws me in by the middle of the song. After playing it on the road with good car stereo, I like it. A lot. It's different. But it has plenty of elements I love about Muse. For those saying it is too layered... fair enough. But I like it this way. It starts off slow and builds into a lot of sound that beings me back to 90's videogame nostalgia. The organ perfectly reminds me of NHL94, and the whole thing is like Donkey Kong Country's soundtrack. I personally think the robotic "Huuu-mannnn" fits perfectly. Not sure I can put this song in my top50 Muse songs, but I like it. Interested to see how they'll play it live.
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