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  1. This song is like a lot of Muse somgs for me on the first listen. I wasn't even sure how to follow along. But it definitely draws me in by the middle of the song. After playing it on the road with good car stereo, I like it. A lot. It's different. But it has plenty of elements I love about Muse. For those saying it is too layered... fair enough. But I like it this way. It starts off slow and builds into a lot of sound that beings me back to 90's videogame nostalgia. The organ perfectly reminds me of NHL94, and the whole thing is like Donkey Kong Country's soundtrack. I personally think the robotic "Huuu-mannnn" fits perfectly. Not sure I can put this song in my top50 Muse songs, but I like it. Interested to see how they'll play it live.
  2. Well, in Indiana 2011, Matt sung "Crushed, lost..." instead of "Lost, crushed..." Such a huge difference
  3. Agreed. Also, for the CD, why not include songs that were cut from the DVD? Feeling Good, Guiding Light were on the DVD because of the visual accompaniment, and I understand that decision... but they didn't need to also be on the CD. Give us Blackout instead of Guiding Light, and ANYTHING instead of Feeling Good on the CD, and maybe I would have a reason to take it out of the package.
  4. wow, that's absolutely appalling if true. completely ruins the performance. You would think they would be able to know how to time that to happen between songs, not in the middle of the only guitar solo in the most popular song on the DVD... mind boggling At least it doesn't seem to happen on BluRay. But I'll be returning the DVD for sure. They should have put Dead Star as an extra, the 4 minutes or so would have pushed the skip to 2 minutes later! haha
  5. Anyone with the DVD (not BluRay) notice the skip in the middle of Madness? I thought I just got a bad disc, but exchanged it for a new one at Best Buy and it skips in the same exact spot. This doesn't happen on the BluRay version I have, but I bought DVD because my car plays DVD 5.1 ... If they sent a batch that is defective, that not only sucks for us, but will suck for sales as well... for example, I am returning mine tomorrow for a full refund.
  6. Whole gig on soundcloud to enjoy til I upload the FLACs
  7. Awesome. I have already seen lots of great HD videeos on youtube from many angles, up close and far away.
  8. It's not our fault, it should probably have been locked when the gig ended, no? Saw Assassin at Bill Graham in San Fran (in my signature)... was my first full Muse gig, and probably the best setlist to this day.
  9. Nope, I was where Matt likes to say "in the back" for night 2. Don't worry though, sounded brilliant.
  10. I love the Dead Star ended the set, and then Starlight was next for the encore. Kinda of cool the way that worked out. EDIT: nevermind, IS --> Uprising followed it... my mind is in the gutter, Dead Star messed me up real good! Mine would personally be Hyper Chondriac Music (sp?)... I actually think that would be immense live when all is said and done. But Assassin was amazing live when I heard it. I would actually LOVE to hear Exo-Politics live... I think they could make it sound brilliant after a little rehearsal time. But of COURSE Muscle Museum is near the top of my list, as well as Showbiz.
  11. Because it just sscreams all the best parts of Muse (heavy riff, Chris kicking ass on backing vox, awesome synth in BG, guitar solo, not terrible lyrics, great vox by Matt.... I don't think anyone claims it is "the end all be all", but I think lots of us fans want to remind Muse that USA fans do know their old stuff, and want more of it, because it kicks ass.
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