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pawnshop prize thread


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in chester, near the train station. there's a place that has the odd vintage amp in every now n then and a few guitars. mainly awful but every once in a while something catches my eye. i'll see if it's still there tomorrow.

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i've seen one of these in a pawn shop. not sure what year or the price as i haven't been in, but may enquire.


that one looks like early/mid 70's. usually they go for $300-ish here, but sometimes less. very nice little amps.


isn't there one or two other irish people that do be around KnT now and again? I discovered a whole street of antique shops the other day, one of which specialises in wintage audio.


Dave_fullstop and cyfo_diaz, I think


I doubt cyfo_diaz would be interested though...he's probably into triple rectifiers and peavey 5150s


boosted, of course. m\m/\m/\m\\m/\m\/m\m/\/m\mm\

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That's about right if it's in good original condition. If the speaker or trannnies have been replaced, haggle.


yeah pretty much, although the old fenders seem to have survived the 80's modding craze for the most part (unlike all those old marshalls).


but i once had this 70's champ which was modded to put out about 40 watts :facepalm: had a massive JBL speaker (which barely fit in the cabinet), both transformers replaced with massive ones on the bottom of the cabinet with the wires going up into the chassis (!) and some added controls


didn't really sound that great though, and constantly blew fuses. i need to see if i have some pictures of it... it really was over the top

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Pics please! There's literally no way to make a champ output 40w, but you could theoretically increase it to ~18w, of about 30% louder. It would probably ruin the output transformer and burn up a tube a day!


Both transformers were replaced - they were a little bigger than what you'd find in a bassman


I know the tubes were 2x 6L6 (rather than one 6V6) and it had a solid state rectifier


For all I know, it could've been a completely custom amp stuffed inside a champ chassis, but I'm not sure. I never looked inside though... I was actually glad to get that thing sold as it seemed pretty dangerous!


i can't remember what controls it had though. there was definitely an added master volume, and a push pull on the preamp volume I think...can't remember what that did.


still trying to find the pics. i sold that amp about 7 years ago, but i'll have to look and see if there are any old imageshack links around

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