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Kit & tab factor winter 2012!

Lord MFC

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Audio only entries to be emailed to me at this address with the subject title Kit and Tab entry: jamiehaas@btinternet.com

Each person is allowed to vote for two different entries (the poll will be public)


Song choices:


ROUND ONE (Deadline Sunday 23rd December)

Any song of all time ever (including Muse)


ROUND TWO (Deadline Sunday 30th December)

Any song for The 2nd Law


You can play your cover on any instrument, and it should be recorded in one take.


Joke entries are fine, as long as you dont go too far; voters are encouraged to vote for the best entry with the most work put into it, not joke ones.




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I wondering this from the last one, but what's the rule for multitracks? I know it says one take but I remember last round people doing one take per a bunch of different parts.


Last time we said keep tracks to a minimum. If you NEED to overdub then do but if you're just trying to beef up that riff or mask that mistake then no. Although MFC is in charge this time so...

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Then if you all have no time, how do you get awesome with your instruments :LOL:


Key word is currently :LOL:


1. Video

2. Y encourage joke entries only to then tell people not to vote for joke entries?

3. Do you want me to email you the scoring spreadsheet from last years one so that you can copy it with the people from this years and stuff?


NOOO not video, I know it can be funny but anon works

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