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Kit & tab factor winter 2012!

Lord MFC

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shiet that is likely the busiest part of the year for me, i hope i will be able to record something


btw this needs that multiple votes thing we talked about in the last thread


You'll be able to vote for two entries instead of one like last time, that ite?

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I thought that we decided to use some kind of score based system. (like 5 points for the favourite, 4 for the second best etc.)


On the other hand this system is not really useful with two rounds only.


That might work well, but it'd be slightly complicated. I'm cool with being able to vote for two people

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1. Video

2. Y encourage joke entries only to then tell people not to vote for joke entries?

3. Do you want me to email you the scoring spreadsheet from last years one so that you can copy it with the people from this years and stuff?


1. No :p

2. I wasn't encouraging them, i just didn't want to seem like a party pooper

3. Yes that would be amazing jamiehaas@btinternet.com :kiss:


Oh hi there. So what's the thoughts towards backing tracks and 'creative' covers? Or is the idea more to play along to the record and stay close to the original?


You're banned from the competition I'm afraid :)


lol no you're not, but please dont win again. :LOL:

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