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Resistance Album


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Hi people!

This might seem like a question not many will be able to answer but

we all love a bit of a debate. I've been listening to the guitars on The

Resistance and still can't tell what guitar Matt used to record some of

the songs. In particular MK Ultra, Unnatural Selection and Uprising.


Probably no way of finding out for sure as Matt doesn't talk about

His gear as much as other players do, especially not In the studio.

I know he uses the red glitter live for Unnatural Selection but thought

the guitar on the record didn't sound exactly like that guitar.


I believe he used the 007 for the album and that he also used a Vox AC30

But that guitar seems too twangy for those songs I mentioned and

He wouldn't have relied on an AC30 for those heavy tones on the album?

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Yeah I seen him using the black Manson (the one with the BKP92s)

In the studio aswell but everytime you see Matt In them videos he had

a different guitar. I was thinking for a while that santa could of been the

guitar we hear on Unnatural Selection but have to say live the guitar

sounds a lot heavier than It does on the studio version.


It's easier to get an Idea with the older stuff what guitars he used on the record but

now with him using more guitars than In the old days you can't make up your mind!


And I thought that Dickinson amp was just for feedback live?

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No, the Dickinson was used heavily on TR and then converted into a monitor for onstage use.


I don't know what other guitars you're talking about specifically? I think I remember him using one of the black MIDI-equipped Mansons, and Chris' Les Paul Deluxe...


And a Surf Green Stratocaster which, needless to say, made my day :awesome:

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I guess to know exactly which guitars he used on the album he would have to tell himself. There is no way you can hear the differences between the different guitars, atleast with so much effects as he uses on some songs. If you can hear the differences between his humbucker equipped guitars I´d say you are pretty good:)

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For the songs you named it sounds to me like he's using the dual p90 Manson most, even with MK Ultra. The clip with the mirror and the blue box doesn't necessarily mean that's what's on record, he could've been experimenting with them. I mean surely if MK was te blue box he'd have one in his rack?

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The live sound he has for MK ultra is fairly different from the studio sound though. Sounds sort of like the whammy harmonizer -1 octave.






And to the thread starter, I think it's generally difficult to answer a question like that for the reason cheddatom says. But if I had to guess, most of those songs were recorded with a single coil equipped guitar. We know that he favors 007/black Manson for recording.


Also, he could use different guitars on the same song. For example, he might have used the mirror for most of MK ultra, but the red glitter for the riff part as it sounds heavier with the bridge humbucker.


As for the amps...I've read he used the dickinson, but also old AC30s. There are loads of other amps in the studio pictures though.

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the amount of layering and processing going on in the studio with muse - how could you ever hope to tell which guitar was being used


What he said. If there is any hallmark to his sound on TR is that. He laid WAY off the gain. The sounds are far different than anything from his earlier recordings and I might be the only one but I really like his use of mid gain tones where others would have just dimed out channel three on the Diezel and left it at that. (channel 4 sounds like ass)



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