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  1. Hi, I am selling my ibanez RG09 ltd on ebay at the moment but thought it would make much more sense to post a link of it on the forum to see if any of you fellow muse fans would be interested aswell. Despite the fact it's not a manson It does have a nailbomb in the bridge and the sustainer in the neck and of course, a tremolo! if it can get you the muse tone then you can't really go wrong with that can you http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-RG09-pegasus-blue-MUSE-MOD-/140993099814?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item20d3d7f826#ht_489wt_1170 Matt.
  2. Yes that was the one! I just tried the leeds video playing against my own guitar and compared to that I sound flat even though the guitar is perfectly tuned to drop D. Do you think this could be an Intonation problem on the low E? I do have a locking trem also.
  3. It just sounds slightly out in some parts but just thought It might have been interesting to show anyway. To my ears it does sound like the bottom string is somewhere between D and Eb? strangely I've seen footage of a muse gig from 2007 where he actually had to change his guitar as it was out of tune in new born, his E string was accidentally tuned to Eb
  4. I was casually watching videos from muse @ leeds festival In 2011. I was actually present at this gig and didn't notice at the time but upon seeing this clip It sounds as though Matt was quite out for new born? I still think he sounds awesome and I gathered that he always tunes his low E slightly sharp on santa everytime he plays it (that could just be my ears making an assumption) but here it does sound like the guitar is out when he plays the chords. I guess these things happen from time to time
  5. Just bought myself a nice modelling amp with a diezel simulator! I gather that it's meant to be based on channel 2 and 4 of the vh4. I know that the jump from channel 2 to 4 on the diezel is more or less the same idea as going from rhythm to lead channel on a peavey 6505 but is there honestly much of a difference between channels 3 and 4? trying to get a similar sound and I read once that there was a photo of matts amp settings from the absolution tour where can I find this? I think that hollow sound from ss he's using a wah pedal stuck half way or at least that was what he used on the recording?
  6. Just watched Glastonbury 2004 and have really come to appreciate matts old guitar tones from that era even if subjectively his tone has improved since then. I know he was using a much simple setup than what he's using now but from what I've heard of the diezel vh4 it doesn't strike me as recognizable even when that's all he was using. It sounds to me like he was still scooping highs out like he does to this day but some of it sounds very fuzzy so question is it just the diezel by itself or has it got the fuzz factory on top of it which makes it sound like this? Using this video as a reference
  7. According to musewiki matt has been using the Axe FX ll on tour and no amps...can anybody tell me a bit more about Axe FX? Has modelling really become so good lately that it can be substituted for very expensive amps? However I still think matts tone for a lot of songs sounds the same on the 2nd law tour as when he was using his proper amps on the last tour so surely he will be using a diezel and marshall simulator at least?
  8. Nope it´s a Marshall you can see at the back. The head it´s a Marshall 1959HW 100-watt and I think the cab it´s a Marshall 1960A. I highly doubt that sound Is all coming from the plexi, It might be part of It but I've yet to hear any plexi that has that much gain by Itself. He has It back on stage now but I still find It hard to believe that It has much to do with his rhythm and lead tones, I reckon he uses It for cleans as I find the plexi to be a very plain amp that could never deliver the same sound as a modern amplifier.
  9. Hi, Does anybody know if Matt Bellamy was still blending his amps on the black holes & revelations tour? I found out that he was pretty much using the same amps as he is to this day bar the Vox AC30 but I can't tell what amp he Is using from watching gigs around 06-07. I know the Diezel was definitely there but by 2006 his tone had Improved in my opinion since Absolution yet his tone still remained very trebley unlike how it is these days and now sounds a lot more 'mellow' Is this the Diezel by itself we are hearing In this clip?
  10. There's no logic behind It considering he rarely goes lower than drop D on his 6 string guitars but I guess If that's what the man himself wants then so be It. Question is though how on earth does Matt get the bomber to stay In tune with such a messed up gauge?? I tried to match a 59 once with a set of 10s on my Ibanez RG which also has a locking trem and It would not stay In tune to save the world...threw It right off.
  11. Hi there, The only Info I could find on MB's strings Is that he goes for regular ernie ball 10s with a 60... Is that 60 only on his 7 string guitars? I don't ever recall him drop tuning his bottom E lower than C on his 6 string guitars so surely he doesn't even need that 60 especially on the bomber which has the tremolo aswell?
  12. Yes, that was me. I'd like to think that clip shows how much easier it Is for one to try and replicate EVH's tone compared to MB's! Thanks for the feedback guys. I know what some of you mean by too much bass, compression but upon listening to santa, that's kinda what I'm hearing. His tone generally sounds compressed to my ears anyway. There Is so much low end In there due to me trying to achieve the power of that particular guitar. The one thing that strikes me about santa every time he picks It up Is that there Is a lot of hi-end definition on all strings except the bottom E which seems very mellow compared to all other strings Watch right at the end where they play the outro, that's exactly what I'm on about
  13. Ahh yes, sorry! It was made In guitar rig 4 and the amp was an ultrasonic head (which I believe Is modelled on a bogner) Is the closest you're going to get to a vh4 sim In guitar rig and It sounds great! with It, I also used an orange cab. finally I then added In a graphic EQ to push the amp harder and try to get as much bass boost on the low E as possible and just played around with the mids and highs until It sounded good. I was also quite picky with volumes as such as I wanted a good balance of compression and clarity. I have only listened to It back through my laptop speakers as of yet so I need to have a good listen through some monitors to see If that powerful low end thud which I keep trying to achieve Is there. I had the bass flat out to try and get there as that's obviously a huge part of the tone.
  14. Probably not I just thought I would share It that's all to see what everyone thinks and tips to Improve It perhaps
  15. Today I thought I would do a quick recording of a Muse preset I made from scratch on guitar rig and just to show some of you who aren't familiar with It what kind of thing you can achieve. It's not much but I actually tried to get the 2010 era tone for santa, It's far from perfect but I tried for a good half hour to try and copy that tone as best I could.
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