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  1. Something like this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2002-GIBSON-LES-PAUL-STUDIO-FLAME-TOP-TRANSLUCENT-DARK-CHERRY-IMMACULATE-SHAPE-/130977649734?pt=Guitar&hash=item1e7ee05446 JT
  2. Honestly, anything from Fender during that era is excellent. Get the Princeton a cap job and play the hell out of it. Those little Fenders have been on thousands of recordings. A compressor will turn it into an epic country machine too. I had a great Standard back in the early 90's. Terrible pickups though. I'm thinking of looking for one of the maple topped Studios from the early 00's. They are cheap, easy to fix up and I don't love binding on the neck so it might be a good way to get the tone without the $4k price tag. JT
  3. Gibsons are always a total crap shoot. More miss than hit, but when you find a good one they are great. Unfortunately Gibson only lets the good ones out on accident. JT
  4. James, It's a 2009 SG Special. Plays wonderfully and as soon as I swap the buckers and rewire it with real components it will be an epic Gibson. I'm going with new 500k pots and better caps wired like the early Les Paul's were and then Seymour Duncan Jazz in the neck and a 59 in the bridge. Low power and classic tone. The little Ampeg is a 1962 Reverb-O-Rocket. It's a tube rectified two 6V6, 18 watt circuit. It's extremely clean and doesn't like to be forced to break up in the preamp, but sounds great with a pedal that is creating the overdrive internally. It sounds much like a Fender Deluxe with more midrange. I installed a Aiken amps version of a Greenback which was voiced for small combo amps and it sounds unreal. I love that little amp. I'll do some clips soon of it alone and it in stereo with my '62 Fender. It's awesome. JT
  5. Here's my new toy. I picked it up from a friend who won it four years ago for a couple hundred bucks. It's not a beauty but its one of the best Gibbys I've played in twenty years. New pickups will be ordered soon but the guitar is cherry. JT
  6. Where are you located? I send my stuff to Pete Skermeta in Austin and I live an hour from The Chicago Music Exchange. Pete's work is as good as Suhr or Tyler. JT
  7. Feel free to rip away. A quick users guide: 0:00 Don't tell me you love me. Solo@1:27 3:34 Tainted Love Whammy Solo@4:48 7:03 Crazy Train solo@9:31 I know one of the runs was out of key in the DTMYLM solo, I was trying not to think of the five chicks bouncing in front of me. JT
  8. A quick way to test the loading theory is to put a buffer in line between you and the amp. Any boss pedal on bypass will do the trick. JT
  9. Very cool James. Grab a few different OD pedals and try them in front of it with the gain no more than 70%. Go from boost to full on OD and let me know how it sounds. I dig running a single channel amp slightly dirty and using pedals to get it over the top. The clean tone is just a guitar volume knob away. That's how I've been running the VHT for a while. That Tiger Boost sound killer in front of it and my Flex Drive takes it into high gain territory. Maybe I'll record a clip or two and post it. JT
  10. Go away for a couple of days and.... Jaicen is right on the math, I rechecked it. That's what I get for posting when dealing with my kids in the background. Didn't mean to get your panties in a bundle. All of this is mostly theoretical anyway. No one who want's to keep a gig runs their amp at 100% anyway. Even if the tubes are running at full all the time the input level that they are boosting is lowered (non MV). That's how the first stage of my Guytron runs, the 2xEL84 power tubes work harder at "rest" than they do when amplifying a signal because they are trying to boost the non-existent. Guy Hedrick is a genius, but a twisted one who loves to torture tubes. Luckily that power section is dummy loaded into a real 100 watt EL-34 power section that runs so cleanly that the tubes last for two years. The first power section runs at full load all of the time, those tubes last six months tops. Where the rubber really hits the road is clean headroom. The power section of most 100 watt heads is barely kicking in at stage volumes in a club. The AC15 was pretty juicy they way that I ran it, but it was ear bleedingly loud and I only got away with it for a little while. A 50 watt amp is just as loud as a 100 watt in use, but you stand a running chance of getting some power tube distortion IF you play really fucking loud. I've only done it in the studio because my bandmates will lose their gourds if I tried to get that loud on stage. I still use 100 watt heads on stage, the Guytron has the dual power section and the preamp section of my VHT/Fryette Deliverance 120 is pretty amazing. (no way in hell that I'll EVER push it's 4xKT88 power section into overdrive or anything close to it. I've tried with a 400 watt cabinet and it wasn't happening without killing everything in a 3 mile radius of my house. Since we went to IEM's, I'm actually running my amp far lower than I ever thought I would and I love it. It sounds great and our sound guy doesn't have to bitch at me anymore. Life is good. JT
  11. No, it's not even close to 30%. It's more like 5 % to 10 % less loud mathematically and that's before the distortion is the signal boosts the perceived volume. It's not a direct equation, look up the math because I'm too lazy. JT.
  12. 20 watts can be nearly as loud as 50, it will just have less clean headroom. A used a vox ac15 that was louder than my 100 watt Boogie when in the sweet spot. JT
  13. Correction. The pink and black one in front is a Mr black Boost Tiger. It's up to a 20db clean boost that works on front of and on the loop of an amp. I really like it but you have to be careful because 20 dB of boost on a loop can tear your ears and speakers to shreds.
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