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Of course i am hellbent on trying to create sounds as similar to matts as possible. i have a boss gt 10 processor and i have created some good stuff. i was wondering if anyone has had found any good websites that has pathces to download or where people have listed out their settings to various distortion/delay/reverb/etc sounds that muse has.

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we use google too, if it's not find-able with google, use search on this forum.


I doubt a similar question has never been asked before, so find the thread and revive it. Keep the opening new threads to a minimum.

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try harder.




Or make up your own patches??



had to close a gt10 thread the other day cos of people talking about vibrators and penguins.


Penguins :noey:

Pikachu :yesey:


Unfortunately I do not own a GT10, and therefore cannot comment on Muse presets, however since I'm here I will wish you well with your knob twisting.


Edit: There may be some presets here: http://www.bossus.com/

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