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LA Examiner: Muse wins an AMA and the press manage to annoy Muse fans


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From the LA Rock Music Examiner:





First of all, most Muse fans think its about time Muse got some official recognition of some kind. The American Music Awards are about the fans voting for their favorite artists. It used to be that the only official music recognition came from the Grammy Awards. However, because the Grammy Awards often do not reflect popular opinion, the American Music Awards were born 38 years ago.


It seems no one noticed that the third person with Muse that evening was not Chris Wolstenholme, their bassist. Chris Wolstenholme stayed with his wife and baby number five. Congratulations to the Wolstenholme family.


Replacing Wolstenholme for the evening was longtime associate and friend of Muse, Tom Kirk. Kirk's role as Media Manager means he is responsible for visuals and media Muse has used throughout the years in various live shows and various photos and video footage. That no one seemed to notice or care about either certainly seems annoying because of how much attention gets showered on every move Justin Bieber makes.


Ever the jokester, Kirk thanked Darwin for their award because everyone else had been thanking God. However, the thanks to Muse fans from Bellamy and Howard were most definitely heartfelt.


Not all press were ignorant of Muse, but it sure seemed that way from the interview questions asked of them. CNN wanted to talk about Justin Bieber floating about the stage in a giant heart and being able to play piano, guitar, and drums...to piano and guitar virtuoso Matt Bellamy and Dominic "The Dominator" Howard? Muse fans are caught between feeling proud of Muse's diplomacy rather than ranting how they might have really felt about the situation and missing the old days when Muse might have let loose with some choice invective.


Mtv asked about "Twilight." ABC, who hosted the event, wanted to know if they felt more a part of American Music Association. Bellamy joked that alternative was a polite word for foreign. Perhaps Howard handled it best by changing the subject saying, "We're lucky we didn't swear." The other acts nominated for Favorite Alternative Artist were Phoenix (from France) and Vampire Weekend who are American but employ a wide variety of Afro-Cuban rhythms. (And really, how alternative are VW if they are featured in commercial for Honda and Tommy Hilfiger?)


Who noticed the win? Muse fans, Muse's website, and Muse bloggers. Honestly, if Matt Bellamy weren't dating Kate Hudson, would he be photographed walking down the street? Chances are no. There haven't been any photos of him walking down the street with Dominic Howard and Tom Kirk.


A Muse blogger collected several of the interviews from the AMAs and a few photos. The commentary is priceless and puts things in a more proper perspective. It's uncertain if the reporter with Extra asked anything interesting.




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Yes there is, here: http://extratv.warnerbros.com/videos/


Scroll down and it's the one called 'Extra' Raw! At the 2010 American Music Awards. Matt & Dom only come on after the 7 minute mark though.


Oh, thanks! Hahaha, much younger "friends" obsessed with Justin Bieber. Suuure, Matt. :chuckle: :chuckle: :p


Nah, but that was a cute bit. Person seemed to actually know who Muse were! Though I suppose it's because she's Australian. :chuckle:

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Reporter: "Justin Bieber comes out on a floating heart. You guys don't do anything like that."


Matt (internal monologue): "No, we don't come out on a heart. But we do risk our lives every night by performing atop 20 foot tall video towers."



It's like these reporters have never been to a Muse concert.

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