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I may have found out how Ruled by Secrecy came to be..


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DISCLAIMER: You must know basic music theory to understand this!


Alright, well this doesn't mean much, but I just thought it's very interesting and is more than a coincidence.


During the song "Piano Thing", Matt "Arpeggiates" a certain chord. It's at about 17 seconds in.


This chord is an FmAdd9, which is the notes: F(Root), G(Ninth), Ab(Minor Third), C(Perfect Fifth).


Now, the beginning piano lick in Ruled by Secrecy goes like this:


"C, G#, G, F, G, G#" then repeats itself.


This is the exact same chord as the chord in piano thing. I think Matt was playing around with chords he liked (such as the FmAdd9) and came up with the intro to Ruled by Secrecy.


Don't bother asking how I figured this out. I do have quite a bit of spare time.



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yes but its enharmonically incorrect :p


I was actually thinking about changing it, but I was too lazy :$

Edit: There. It's an Ab now. Damn I have a lot of spare time...


Also, like I said in my OP, this is no big deal, just a theory on how one of their songs evolved. I always thought it was cool to see how Muse's songs evolved over time to eventually get on an album. A good example is Matt playing the Take a Bow chords in '04 after Citizen Erased in Glastonbury.

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