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  1. Since I haven't posted here in a stupid amount of time, something like 4 years, I'm going to show ya'll what I've gotten in the past few months. Ibanez rg mahogany top. The 5 way pickup selector is what I love about this guitar. It's got two single coil configurations. Wonderful guitar for its price. Just gonna swap out the tuners and pickups and I'll be good to go. Agile 7 String Interceptor Pro. Slightly longer scale length. Floyd Rose. Ebony fretboard with no inlays. EMG 707 pickups. She's a beauty. Agile guitars are some of the best I've played. Their guitars are in the $1000 price range in terms of quality but typically average around $600-$700. AEADGBE of course. Judge me. I also run these pieces of wood through a Marshall TSL 100 but I'm too lazy to take a picture, I'm sure you all know what one looks like.
  2. In Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, was that guitar in the beginning recorded note by note so as to not have that distorted sound when playing up high with gain? If not then what sort of magical overdrive was used??
  3. Happy Birthday! :party:

  4. Question... Is it safe to keep tube amps in a garage during winter? The lowest it gets here is about 35 degrees Fahrenheit (About 1 or 2 degrees Celsius) It doesn't snow. Can this hurt the amp or speakers?
  5. Alright. My amp actually just arrived today. I drove down to my local guitar shop and picked up a speaker cable. It sounds amazing. I haven't messed with the settings very much yet, or set up my pedals, but I'll get to it. Thanks for the advice.
  6. 1960A arrived today, but I can't help but ask an ignorant question... What is the difference between to two inputs?
  7. Yeah I'm getting it with a 1960A. It's going to be amazing. The DSL sounds somewhat fuzzy, whereas the TSL sounds like typical Marshall overdrive. It really just depends on what you're looking for. I think the TSL is better for cleans and low gain because it's not as muddy, but the DSL can get some fucking amazing thick OD toanz. Either way they both sound amazing.
  8. Anyone know where I can find sheet music to the organ part to Invincible? Microcuts.net didn't help..
  9. Tengo una Pregunta.. If I were to stick an MBK-2 in the bridge of my Gibson Les Paul, and a put a fernandes in the neck, would I get a toan similar to that of an MB-1? My LP has a 60s slim neck (obviously Rosewood frets) and the body is Mahogany. The body is a bit slimmer than a standard LP as well.
  10. These two chords on Endlessly are a bitch.. The two chords played in the chorus exactly as Matt says "..and I won't, leave you falling...." are impossible for me to get right. The wiki says that those two chords are Gm then A. That doesn't sound right to me. Anyone care to give it a go? Also the chords for the ending of the song in this performance would be nice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bogOS5L-kuI
  11. SON OF A 13ITCH I slept through the damn Fedex guy when he was delivering my new guitar. Fuck you, Fedex.
  12. I would've done a LMGTFY, but when I googled all I got was Katy Perry.
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