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  1. My cover of Algorithm Made mostly with VST's and recorded guitar / tiny bit of bass.
  2. @james90 Does your Whammy have a slight pause when switching settings with program change commands? Mine cuts out for a very short time while switching but it's noticeable in a recording, and makes unsustainable sound a bit average. It's a whammy 4 so just wondering if the 5 and DT don't have this delay..
  3. Has anyone put a Motherbucker in their guitar? Did you have to change the Volume pot? I saw on the website it reccommends a 1MEG pot..
  4. Ma-2 with Sustainer Now i'm trying to figure out if its worth trying to mod my Cort MBC into something Aluminium
  5. I'm mostly a lurker here (check up every few weeks I guess, not as active as it used to be) but.... I'm finally joining the Manson club Put down a deposit on a used guitar someone is selling locally and I'll be picking up hopefully in the next week or 2
  6. Anyone here that has owned both a cort/Chinese replica and a Manson MA Evo? I'm trying to decide between: -Manson Evo 1 -Cort MBC with MBK2 upgrade -Chinese MB replica with MBK + fuzz factory
  7. Still got this? Would love to hear it
  8. Any chance anyone still has this? Link is down and dying to listen to the rest
  9. Made a video of my recreations of some iconic muse tones. Let me know what you think
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