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  1. Definitely one that needs a pencil and paper and constant pausing of the video.
  2. I've managed to get a couple of the chords, but some others are either only very briefly shown, obscured by Matt's middle finger muting, or drowned out by crowd noise so can't be done from the sound. I can also only make out the first chord in the 'I need to love...' part.
  3. Can anyone please help me try to work out the chords from after the solo to the end in the live version of Madness, specifically from the Rome gig ] (3.07-end) I've been trying for a while now, but I can't quite see what he's playing on some of them. Am I also right in thinking its being played half a step down from standard tuning? Cheers in advance
  4. After many download attempts, I finally managed to get all the songs in hd on my iPad. However, the audio is about 5 seconds behind the video, anyone else having this issue. Btw, to get it to display the price, I downloaded some other free app, and then loaded the 360 app while the other was downloading and the price was there
  5. Still have no idea whether I should get a mini xy put in my silver MA-2 (and which surround). Sort of want one seeing as I'm not gonna get my hands on an MB or a custom anytime soon, but don't know if it's going to look any good
  6. I've messaged a few people on yt with no reply about the cubase midi file. Does anyone at all happen to have it?
  7. 1. Bliss 2. Space Dementia 3. Apocalypse Please 4. Stockholm Syndrome 5. Map of the Problematique 6. Supermassive Black Hole 7. Knights of Cydonia 8. Supremacy 9. Panic Station 10. Unsustainable Perfect set list, obviously that's chronological order
  8. I have cubase 5 installed, so I just need the midi file, messaged aorfix
  9. Is the cubase midi file for the whammy still floating around somewhere?
  10. Also, any chance of a midi file that works in cubase. Sorry for being fussy
  11. Does anyone have tab for the space dementia outro from Reading 2011? Would be nice to know as I've just finished learning the entire piano song, and switching to guitar for the outro would be good fun. Thanks
  12. ah ok, I'm running a Whammy DT and finding it hard to get anything near the correct sound
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