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Found 7 results

  1. Hi guys, new around here and don't know if this has been asked before, but what it Matt actually playing during live versions of Unsustainable. I know the guitar tech is doing the whammy, but what is he hitting? Any answers much appreciated, Arjun
  2. Hey everyone, I've got a Amptone Lab Midi Pad on my guitar, however a part of the frame of it got cracked a bit. I talked with them and they said it will cost 20€ including shipping to me which is pretty high since it's just cheap plastic. So I decided to create a custom one, and I'm thinking about getting inspired from the manson one since they are kinda wider in the right and left, and narrower in up and down. I couldn't find any info about the manson one in the internet, if someone has it, can you please tell me the specs of it? This is the Amptone Lab one: Here's the Manson one:
  3. Please use this for quick K&T related questions only. Do not use this thread to spam off topic. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys I've been looking at getting a pedal switcher to make it easier to change between pedals on my pedalboard but need one that can change midi presets on my Strymon pedals as i have a Timeline, Bigsky and Mobius on my board. I've found a One Control Crocodile Tail which seems to do the job but before i buy one does anybody have experience with them? Can i change midi presets with this and is it also possible to switch my Strymon pedals on and off with it as i don't always want certain pedals on in my saved presets such as the modulation on the Mobius which i don't always want switched on with the delay or reverb. This is a completely new thing for me but i keep finding that i need something easier to switch between pedals.... If anybody can help that would be great!
  5. trans google translation made ​​because I'm Mexican hello is the first time I comment muse forum I see that there are many experts here and what I need here in mexico there is no one that sells items on guitars Effects muse already know that. I have a stratocaster midi thinking of buying a kit for Kaoss Pad yet the cavity of my guitar is very small but I found that you can buy something called midi strip I was searching like crazy all over google but found nothing on youtube there is a guy who sells them is called gazlang81 but I have not connected or put back on sale products I wonder if you could give me information on where to buy the kit midi strip greetings and forgive if I have not done well. like this guitar and here is the video of gazlang 81
  6. I can already play the bassline for Hysteria on piano and I love it, it's really fun to play and me and my friend were asked to represent my school in this music competition and we'd really like to do Hysteria as a duet piece. If anyone has a full version midi, I would be so grateful. Thanks so much. :D:D
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking to get software for making tracks but need something relatively simple to pick up as I have no experience. What would you recommend / use??
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