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  1. My guess: TaB from the Drones World Tour Movie and maaaybe Break it to me Audio
  2. I love the MIDIpad action in the solo!
  3. tp90

    Best Album

    All-time list: OoS Absolution BH&R Simulation Theory The Resistance Showbiz Drones The 2nd Law At the moment: Simulation Theory BH&R OoS The Resistance Drones The 2nd Law Showbiz
  4. Royal Albert Hall The Dark Side Supermassive Black Hole Psycho Interlude + Hysteria Thought Contagion Drum & Bass Jam Citizen Erased Dig Down (Gospel Version) feat. Jools Holland Something Human City of Delusion Time is running out The 2nd Law: Isolated System Madness The Void (Acoustic Version) New Born ...straight into -> Dead Star Megalomania Blockades +School Outro Knights of Cydonia
  5. By far mit my perfect Setlist but something I can see them doing (I squeezed Sunburn and B&H in between hoping some rarities will pop up during the tour) 1 Algorithm 2 The Dark Side 3 Bliss 4 Psycho 5 Pressure 6 Panic Station 7 Undisclosed Desires New Drum & Bass & Synth Jam 8 Madness 9 Butterflies & Hurricanes 10 Sunburn 11 United States of Eurasia 12 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable 13 Propaganda 14 Supermassive Black Hole 15 Time is running out 16 Starlight New Funky Jam 17 Break it to me 18 Mercy 19 The Void 20 Dig Down 21 Plug in Baby 22 Thought Contagion 23 Uprising (Tape: Algorithm ARV Instrumental) 24 New Born 25 Knights of Cydonia
  6. About the Medley thing: I think it's going to be like SBE or La Cigale. One full well known song (Stockholm Syndrome or New Born) and parts or shortened versions of lesser known songs (Dead Star/Micro Cuts/Agitated/Hyper Music) with lyrics not just the riffs
  7. I can see The Void opening one encore followed by Dig Down
  8. Just a reminder and the School Outro makes it even better
  9. A Psycho Stadium Tour Setlist for two evenings I have made a couple of years ago. Unrealistic? Maybe. But why not? After the "/" is the alternatve Song for the second night 1 Take a Bow 2 Supremacy / Psycho 3 The small Print / Hyper Music (Execution Commentary Outro) 4 Micro Cuts 5 Supermassive Black Hole 6 Dead Inside 7 Map of the Problematique (Maggies Farm Outro) 8 Butterflies and Hurricanes 9 Apocalypse Please 10 Sunburn (Piano) 11 Space Dementia / Ruled by Secrecy 12 (Forced in Intro) Bliss (extended Outro) 13 Fury 14 Dead Star 15 The Handler 16 Showbiz (Ashamed Outro) 17 Starlight / Resistance 18 Interlude + Hysteria (Back in Black Outro) 19 Unnatural Selection (Freedom Outro) / Mercy 20 (House of the rising Sun Intro) Time is running out (Power of Soul Outro) 21 Plug in Baby (extended Outro) / Reapers 22(Radioheads The National Anthem Intro) Uprising 23 Muscle Museum 24 Citizen Erased 25 United States of Eurasia / Explorers 26 Hoodoo 27 New Born (Microphone Fiend Outro) / Survival 28 Sing for Absolution / Glorious 29 Stockholm Syndrome (1,2,3,4 + War within a Breath + Endless Nameless Outro) / Knights of Cydonia (Space Dementia Outro)
  10. TDS > Pressure > TC >>>>>SH >>>DD
  11. A Pro-shot of TaB from the Drones-Tour would be cool. ...Or the whole MJF gig
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