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  1. A video meme featuring Enrique Igles(however you spell his name) getting attacked by a drone on stage and overlay 'Reapers'. Would had I any video editing software....but I can see it in my head It's totally not funny that he got hurt...but Muse DID try to warn us not to go fiddling with Drones....
  2. Very nice indeed! I will have to check and see if I can find an app for that station. Maybe iHeart has something I can access. If not, I could always VPN the site. I have all the album's, but it is nice to switch it up a bit and discover new bands; the benefit of listening to the radio. I rarely do that unless I'm in the car and too lazy to plug in my mp3 The show last night was fantabulous! I sweat so much in my own house from bouncing off the walls. lol I was such a nerd over it all! Did you get a chance to watch it?
  3. So, I wanted to just drop in and say I'm enjoying the new stuff! I'm kind of a quiet in the corner kind of person - and I'm pretty socially awkward - but I wanted to let you know that I'm reading and enjoying!! Hopefully, I'll have something to contribute soon!
  4. This was on our local rock station out of Wichita, KS Strange that they won't play in there...even an edited version. I mean....they are from there. But BBC (??) are kind of heavy on their regulations, aren't they? I added a link if you click on T95, it will take you to their website. Although, I'm not sure if you'll be able to listen being in the UK - some sites are weird like that. So yeah - I was pretty excited about that. It was kind of weird because I was in the middle of talking with a new friend about the new sound being more like their older stuff. And boom! There it was - unedited. It was crazy good! I think the only reason we get away with playing stuff like that here is because nobody pays any attention to us in the world! haha
  5. So, we were on our way to our random "beer summit" this evening...and I was listening to T95 and guess what starts playing? Friggin 'Psycho' - (Also...not censored)ed. Kansans are ...your "too intense" Muse does not scare us. We *heart* you! (Please don't forget us during the tour)
  6. Doesn't work. Sorry. :edited because I'm a loser:
  7. I keep hoping for a Midwest (KC/STL/CHI) announcement... :le sigh: I would pay that much to watch them in a smaller venue, though. It would be amazing and worth it. ....I keep telling myself I have to get out of Kans-ASS. Here is yet another reason to abandon ship (as if the governor wasn't enough )
  8. Funny story before I restart the video... So I clicky, put my headphones on and I'm all...well....he should probably redo this because all I'm hearing is layers of noise and strange... ....then I'm like, wait - something has to be off because it looks pretty well put together. So I pause it. There's still noise. HAHA (I already said I was a loser in my profile lol) I had music playing in the background (Live: Rome) :smh: Let's try this again...3...2...1...G0
  9. Those are beautiful! Love the detail - especially in the eyes. ♥
  10. Thank you so much RH Anonymous sharing is generally easier for me when inspiration comes - randomly. I will happily contribute more as it comes out. Thanks again - I appreciate the encouragement! There is so much good stuff on this forum. I'm a lurker and just recently signed up. I look forward to reading more from you and everyone.
  11. Social anxiety alert (don't be terribly hard on me) : Illusions we have made Could we ever break away Or would it all start again Stars could fall for a million years Will we ever be heard Through all the lies we've made Just to prove we can fight For one more chance to rearrange Break away Come alive - get out while you still can.
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