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  1. Wow. I'm still half tempted purely based on it being my birthday the day after, but for 2 of us to go, I'm looking at nearly £150 when download cost us £190...on the scheme of things, seems very over the top...
  2. I'd just found rock music in general and a friend of mine walked up to me with a portable cd player (remember those things??). He shoved an earphone in my ear and just said "listen." It was newborn and the riff blew my head apart. I went to his house that same day and listened through all of OoS and then he burnt me a copy. I listened twice then brought the album. This happened 3 weeks before abso was released so I brought that after. Because of Chris's bass riff on hysteria I took lessons and ended up learning every muse track up until the end of T2L.
  3. 1. Fury (RAH, 2008) - It created a WTF moment. Seeing this live brought my love for the song in all honesty and the way its played....mind boggling. 2. Micro Cuts (Download, 2015) - It shows off every element of what Matt can do. Incredible live. 3. CE (Download, 2015) - One of their top songs and live its just something very special. 4. Sunburn (LG Arena, T2L arena tour) - Just amazing live. Can't say more. 5.Megalomania (RAH, 2008) - from seeing matts pure glee as he ran up the stairs in RAH to that organ being blared and the crowd losing their minds. Amazing 6. Psycho (Download, 2015) - Most fun opening to any gig, ever. Madness in it's rawest form. 7.Dead Star (Download, 2015) - despite a waning "we want OoS and abso only" crowd, this was amazing to finally hear live. 8. The Handler (Download, 2015) - been to 4 muse gigs and this was my first live debut. Amazing live. 9. B&H (Emirates stadium, T2L stadium tour) - One of my fave muse songs and one that's helped me through a lot via it's cheesy inspirational lyrics. Really enjoyed this live. 10. Knights of Cydonia - I can't pick one performance of this. It's always on point. It's always amazing. The crowd go mental for it. It sends everyone away happy every time. I remember walking away from the LG Arena after Survival played us out, feeling like even though it got played earlier, i got robbed of KoC. It's the perfect muse closing song.
  4. In relation to what they've played in other locations and how a lot of people clamour for map and then it doesn't get played..it seems to be going down that path, though I get what you're saying in all truth. Could of gone with sunburn. Or half of host. Or blackout. I was looking for something specific to that gig in that tour.
  5. Yeah that was what I expected...incredible. when the opening to micro cuts started...my jaw dropped. That and agitated. It's like they went with a goal; start as heavy as possible. I've heard a lot of; "but it went lighter and shit in the end," to which I say, this was still technically a tour gig, so they had to play 'the hits'. Not everyone at download wanted muse there or would go see them for any reason bit what they already know. The riff on newborn was incredible. It had everyone jumping as far as I could see. I ended up about 7-8 rows back and far to the left after the pits dispersed. Could still see perfectly though. PiB went down brilliantly. Honestly feel like that song is as immortal as Morgan Freeman. It never ages. Handler was massive. Great debut. It'll be amazing at future gigs too. And then there's CE... I've been 4 times. Got a rarity every time. Fury at RAH, sunburn at LG arena, Map at Emirates and I was expecting one here. Got a few. I'm a happy muser today. That should satisfy the itch until their next UK tour...
  6. "Why can't we see, that when we bleed we bleed the same." Just something about it. The overall track; the way he delivers the lyric, the genuine feeling when he does deliver it. Amazing
  7. I cannot wait. It needs to turn tomorrow like...now. Heading up to Derby tomorrow, on the train from Oxford. Feel like they need to start with something completely "left wing" to bring about a unique feel, though I'm betting on Psycho starting. I also have a feeling we'll get the live debut of The Handler and another song off Drones (Maybe something like Defector). No idea on the rest of the set though.
  8. Oof this is difficult... Track 1: Sunburn. (The most horrible of all choices there, made first. Every opener has it's amazing qualities.) Track 2: Bliss Track 3: Panic Station Track 4: Map of the Problematique Track 5: The Handler (Hard to get rid of PIB for it...) Track 6: Citizen Erazed Track 7: Assassin Track 8: Butterflies and Hurricanes Track 9: The Globalist Track 10: Feeling Good Track 11: Megalomania Track 12: Hate this and I'll love you
  9. I love all of the tracks above and all are fantastic openers. For me though, the intensity of apocalypse please just takes it. In order for me: 1) Apocalypse Please 2) Take a Bow 3) New born 4) Sunburn 5) Supremacy 6) Uprising 7) Dead Inside As singular songs, New Born and Sunburn are miles ahead but this is about openers and as I see it, newborn and sunburn could be placed anywhere on their respective albums and still be heralded as great tracks. TAB and AP can, in my mind, only be used to open an album. Uprising falls under the same category as Newborn and Sunburn but is a more inferior track. I can only judge dead inside as an opener against psycho (I'll wait until studio versions launch of reapers and mercy) and the others are in context of the whole albums. It's hard to place it anywhere so far.
  10. I was at P, so just next door. We had it all down, all organized. first 30 numbered. We all got in first luckily...but yeah, a MASSIVE swarm happened and P + R seemed to merge in the middle. It was pretty awful. I ended up center of the catwalk, on the barrier on Chris's side. Shame it felt pretty dead in our area aside from some guys in red REALLY going crazy. The contrast to the other side was pretty evident though which did make things feel flat. I got really badly sunburnt during the gig. Like REALLY badly across my arms, hands, face and...ears. Damned monkey ears. I did manage to touch Matt's arm during UD though and managed to have a brief handshake with Chris which led to me pretty much almost dragging him into the crowd before he waved at me from the catwalk. That was pretty cool. All in all, a great show, really enjoyed the show element of it as opposed to just music being pounded out, though I WOULD have preferred DS over B&H.
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