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Found 18 results

  1. Hi I’m a wheelchair user and my plus one cannot attend tonight so I have a companion seat free. It’s a extraordinary great position it feels terrible to let the ticket go to waste. If interested and in London today contact me and you just need to be able to push the wheelchair if assistance is needed nothing else.
  2. Schillo87

    Pre-Show Songs

    Hi everyone! Is anyone know the songs between the support band and the Muse concert?
  3. Hi everybody, I am looking for two tickets for the Berlin event. 06.03.2016 Is there anybody, who can help me with that?
  4. So I bought tickets to yesterday and today because I was hoping to to both, but George Lucas/JJ Abrams/ Disney decided to ruin my life because I work in a movie theater and now I can't go tonight because of Star Wars (no hate, it just sucks working these huge weekends) And I have (1) ticket for Loge 109 row 16 that I need to sell. Any takers? It's a pretty amazing seat, bonus- it's an aisle seat! So if people in front of you are too crazy, you can lean to the side and still see the guys Asking for face value ($95USD) OBO. I'll email you the tickets as soon as you pay via PayPal. I'm at work already and it's madness here so I know I can get out and go to the show. Message or email me!
  5. According to the Dutch radiostation 3FM Muse are playing an intimate gig in Cologne, Germany. http://www.3fm.nl/nieuws/detail/362284/Schrijf-je-dichter-bij-Muse
  6. So I know most people have a top 10 songs they love to listen to, but how about your favorite songs to hear performed live? Seeing Muse live in concert is a completely different experience than hearing the album in your room, and hearing a song done live can bring different feelings than hearing it on an album. So, what's your favorite ten songs to hear live? Mine are 1. Bliss 2. Stockholm Syndrome 3. Uprising 4. New Born 5. Knights of Cydonia 6. Psycho 7. Survival 8. Reapers 9. Hysteria 10. Apocalypse Please Post yours down below!
  7. Hello, well the thing is that, i want to purchase the tickets to the concert in santiago chile, to buy the pre-sale tickets i need to have a specific code that proves i have been member of the muse community for over 1 month, i do have this code, but the e-mail associeted with this account is blocked and i can`t get in it, so i`m afraid that when i purchase the tickets, i could not enter this account and lose the money and the tickets, is there anyway to use my code with another account? or change the e-mails account? Sorry for my bad english
  8. http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/29/Olympiapark_M%C3%BCnchen_Munich/Muse
  9. Hope you'll like it http://www.evergig.com/concerts/2015/05/16/Verizon_Wireless_Amphitheater_/_Irvine_Meadows_Amphitheatre_Irvine/Muse
  10. OK So earlier this month (sept. 6) I saw the one and only AWESOME!!! How about everyone else share their experiences (if you have been to one)
  11. Heya everyone, My name is Ken and I'm a music journalist/photographer in New York. Last week I got to photograph Muse, a band that I've loved for years. I used to be more of a reader then a poster on this forum during the pre/post Resistance days and kind of fell off track with the forum but I never forgot about it. The reason I'm posting is because my photographs from the show are up now. I'd love it if you guys were to take a look, cheers. (NOTE: I did look at the prefixes/rules for posting and tried my best to make sure I was following those guidelines, apologies if I did not). http://kenami.tumblr.com/post/48628520141/concert-recap-muse
  12. We want Muse to throw a concert in Bangkok, Thailand here in 2011 as a part of their gigs tour. After that huge disappointment of the gig in 2008 that had to be canceled, more Muse fans are born here and Muse's songs are on MTV, Channel V, International FM's,etc. more often! In other words, Muse is really famous in Thailand now! Please come! I can't bare getting obsessed with Matt, Chris and Dom via Youtube, DVD concerts anymore. We need you here! So if you're Thai or live in Thailand, pleasee reveal yourself to show them that there are lots and lots of us that want Muse here! ) Must plays: 1) New Born 2) Stockholm Syndrome +Agitated Outro <(PLEASE!) 3) Time is Running Out 4) Knights of Cydonia 5) Map of the Problematique and some hardly performed songs like Sunburn, Citizen Erased, Dead Star, Bliss, etc. etc. =)
  13. So, now that we have Survival, how do you guys think it will fit into live performances (if it is played live at all)? Do you think they will have extra musicians or a choir onstage, or will it all be done by Morgan? Whereabouts in setlists do you think it will end up? Could it be a concert opener, closer, or neither? Discuss! (sorry if this is in the wrong section by the way or if someone has already made this thread)
  14. So I have a question about the Tom Waits piece "What's He Building?" that Muse used as an intro to the 2011 Leeds & Reading shows and supposedly on Hullabaloo (I use the wod supposedly because I don't have that CD/DVD). After reading about "What's He Building?" on Muse Wiki, I always thought it was something Tom Waits wrote and recorded specifically for Muse. But I was looking at his discography the other day and on his album The Mule Variations there is a track of the same title. My question, is there any difference between the version played as an intro to the Muse shows and the version that is on The Mule Variations?
  15. saulolms

    Solo Concert

    Hi everybody. In april will happen some U2 concerts in Brazil wich Muse will play as well. I am a big fan of Muse, but ufortunately all the tickets was all sold in the first selling day, becouse of the U2 fans. Please my friends, make at least one solo concert in Brazil... just Muse. Than would be easier to the brazilian Muse fans get the tickets! Take a look at the link below: http://www.petitiononline.com/MuseInSA/petition.html This is an on-line petition with more than 4000 signatures asking to Muse play alone here! Thanks! Saulo
  16. I know Muse played at the Royal Albert Hall for The Teenage Cancer Trust a few years ago. I really want to see them at the same venue again...since it would be awesome. Do you guys think that Muse would gig there again? And does anyone here have any idea how much the tickets cost last time at the hall for standing or seated?
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