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  1. Happy birthday Matt! Greetings from Indonesia xoxo I'm going to give you bunch of socks for your bday gift but you have to come to Indonesia first in exchange
  2. I don't think so, considering that PS hasn't even been released as a single yet. I believe after the June 3rd they should be starting to push this song to get even more popular
  3. anyone got an eye on the original video's view count (the rising sun one) before it was taken down? if only there was no flag controversy, the views could've been close to 1 million by now. (not important though, but still)
  4. it's gonna be exactly at midnight on my time zone
  5. "An unknown band" Anyway, Sad to hear this. His works are great
  6. Ok I know this isn't related to those new NA dates but if they're announcing dates for October any time soon, then this means it's getting closer for them to announce the dates for November. And if that means Asian gigs :facemelt::facemelt::facemelt::facemelt:
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