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    I still cant believe its not butter!
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    Kent, sevenoaks
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    art,playing guitar,cycling,trampolining. i am boring........
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    Muse,radiohead,green day,oasis,motorhead,30 seconds to mars,my chemical romance,slipknot,metallica,the fratellis,,ACDC,black sabbath,pink floyd and queen,kings of leon,smashing pumpkins,kasabian, jimmy eat world, scars on broadway
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    theres to many...
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    the simpsons,toorchwood,mock the week,phsycoville (or however you spell it),armstrong and miller,harry and paul,black books, never mind the buzzcocks and that mitchell and web look.
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    anything by terry pratchett,darren shan,J.R.R tolkien, and other fantasy books. and the clarkson books :)
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    all teh albums.
  1. When i think of a typical muse fan, i think of a 30 years old or so teacher of whom is perhaps married or has a girlfriend, sit at their computers desks on the muse forum, stroking their beards thinking, im fucking fantastic lol Generally you can determine a loyal muse from a cusual one, lets play spot the difference shall we? "OMFG STARLIGHTZ 4 THE WIN, SMBH IS SOOO COOL IN TWILIGHT CANT W8 2 SEE NEW MOON ON FRIDAY!!!" "Hmmm the new alubm certainly contains musically interesting tracks yet at times it could seem muse have drifted into a wirlwind of commercialism. not as creative or credible as Oos but still a good album overall" What do we think teachers and fangirls?
  2. This wrong, but this is my best attempt: 10. Blackout 9.Plug in baby 8 Feeling good 7Assassin 6 Take a bow 5 Citizen erased 4 Knights of cydonia 3 MK Ultra 2 Hysteria 1 Stockholme syndrome (live) yep........im going to suck cofee stains from my white leather trousers, bye 4 now....
  3. I agree matt should play the piano, but i think morgan should definetely play piano in sunburn as the song does contain a considerable amount of guitar, of which would only sound and look right if matt plays it. just my opinion
  4. Oh right. Haha no, sorry. :LOL:

  5. I live VERY near wilderness but do not go there for school. I go to wrotham school which nowone has probably heard of.

  6. I agree! :D Wow, you're from Sevenoaks? I used to go to school in sevenoaks. You don't by any chance go to Wildernesse do you?

  7. lol im not really scottish btw.

  8. Yes, but the polls they,they...mess with my head man. *cries*


    Scottish eh?

  9. Well lad, since you have been asking why my polls are so random. I dont intend to make them random, i just try make impossible choices for people becuase im an evil scottish bastard...

  10. This has probably been siad loads of times but in "intro" just before apocalypse please at about 0:19 you can hear a man shout, dunno wut he shouts tho...
  11. Im not american btw lol

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