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  1. :LOL:As it should. So whats your favourite song?

  2. Are we still helping with the coursework, or is this just 'Insult Matt Day' ? Heres some more: Rodent-like musical maestro whom apparently stuffs himself with lovely, wholesome, nutritious pasta - even though there is hardly any evidence of this. I only speak the TWUTH. Has looks which have been likened to a meerkat. Also possesses a squished-tomato-like, slightly curved nose. May need braces, as he has quite crooked teeth. Then again, he is English. Look at Thom... Has a noticeable medium-ish brown mole ( or is it just a spot?) on the side of his face. Has quite a small, thin puckered mouth. Guitar Hero extrordinaires, take note. Has what could be described as a very strongly defined chin. The stuff some of us have suggested could be a tad bit extreme for your teacher, Anna.You may want to put certain parts into your own words.
  3. Apocalypse? I always knew that Muse would be around to save the day. Or, at least, terrify us with even more conspiracies...
  4. Squished-tomato-like nose. Kind of looks like a hawk...
  5. YFMF. It's a classic:LOL:

  6. :)Good thanks. You?

  7. Yeah, you do that:chuckle:

  8. Live 8, I believe:)

  9. Well, my favourite album is Myths Of The Near Future. It is just far superior to Surfing The Void, even though Valley Of The Calm Trees, The Same Space and Cyperspeed are absolute EPIC songs, and the whole idea of using Orphee ( the cat), on the album cover is just brilliant.

    My favourite song is It's Not Over Yet. It's just too darn addictive, in both lyrical and rhythm aspects. Plus I really love the music video...

    ...and my favourite band member has to be Simon. His hair just mesmerises me:D

  10. Um, thanks...fellow astronomer!:D


    You like Klaxons as well!:dance:

    What's your favourite song, album and band member?

  11. :shifty: Stole it off Ginnie. :D
  12. Thanks for your comments on my album collection:)

  13. Have you seen this yet?:

  14. Previously: Franz Ferdinand - What She Came For

    Now: MUSE - Stcokholm Syndrome ( live at Rock In Rio 2008, with riffs). You should check it out. It. Is. AMAZING.:musesign:

  15. Tell me about it. I've had the same song on repeat for nearly 10 minutes. It's just too addictive. And distracting. :noey: What are you listening to?

  16. I'm supposed to be completing an assignment, but I can't seem to find my way out of Youtube. Not that I've even tried:LOL:

  17. :D No problem. How's you?
  18. Your sig is so gallifreyian-giggle worthy! Sorry, I just had to say that...:shifty:

  19. Please.... stop....:supersad:


  20. :LOL: Yep, :eek: just about sums that up...
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