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    the overture thief
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    Lost in Finland
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    Muse, music (playing, listening, stuff like that), drawing, hanging around, sleeping. doing stuff.
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    Apulanta, RATM, Lapko, Queen, the Killers, Disco Ensemble, Enter Shikari and of course Muse!
  • Favourite Films
    I like comedy films like the Hangover. V for Vendetta is also one of my favourites!
  • Favourite TV Shows
    The Simpsons
    Takeshi's Castle

    But mostly these kind of shows you can watch without using your brain.

    Oh and I'm also addicted to Primeval!
  • Favourite Books
    I'm not much of a reading person but right now I'm trying to read LOTR through which isn't happening very quickly, if you know what I mean... And I like 1984 and Harry Potter and LOTR of course.
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Showbiz, OoS, Absolution, BH&R, The Resistance, HAARP, Hullabaloo soundtrack, Hullabaloo, Absolution tour and downloaded b-sides
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    19.7. Kaisaniemi park
  1. What tickets are they? If I won't get any other tickets, yours could be my... last resort? Though I need three tickets, but 2 is still better than 0!.
  2. I'm trying my hardest but it's just hard! If anyone has any tips on how to get them, it'd help me out a lot! I've checked Musebay and no one is selling them there. Twice in the same week? What do you mean?
  3. how'd you do that? i still don't have any and i'm desperate and woo i'm back, böördi!
  4. err alright then (:

  5. Damn...still now working...now I got a notification that you want to be my friend but I can't do anything. At least not yet. But I gotta go eat something, I'll deal with it after that :)

  6. Noooothing happens... AND DON'T YOU DARE LAUGH AT MY EMAIL ADDRESS YOU FOOL! :fear: only my crush has the right to do that :p

  7. I'm lazy. You should know it :p


    Alright, I'll do it...



  8. Check da contact info :p

  9. Umm...what was your email address again? :$

  10. Well you try add me?

  11. I didn't receive anything...? :erm:

  12. Err I tried but got interrupted by him saying about the accident :p


    I just did that


    well I'll tell you later on msn or something? :)

  13. Was that your idea of a long message? :erm::chuckle:


    Yeah me too, you should befriend me in msn again.


    Wow...shit. What happened? :stunned:

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