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  1. 72 members already! :dance:Thanks to all for joining my group! If I could give a hug to each and every one of you, I would. I guess you'll have to settle for a cyber one instead
  2. A few facts about me: > My favourite band used to be Snow Patrol, then Green Day and now Muse. > I'm the type of person who always carries a pen, as I LOVE to write. > I have a self-diagnosed phobia of mushrooms and spiders > Matthew James Bellamy, Brandon Flowers and Billie Joe Armstrong are my idols > I hate Maths and Geography with a vengeance > I strongly dislike Twilighters and their supreme leader Stephenie Meyer > The library is my second home.
  3. All citizens of 'Eurasia' must: > Burn all our stuffed toys in bonfires. Farewell Jimbo dearest! > Attend 'Muse Finishing School'- where we will learn to pull off Matt's classic Freddie Mercury poses, pull the standard Muse sex-face, and learn to deliver soul-crushing bass and guitar solos. > Worship Matt every single freakin day.
  4. These are just a mere few of the many Muse ringtones I have used so far: United States Of Eurasia Uprising Sunburn Starlight Showbiz New Born The Gallery The Groove Sing For Absolution I change them every week:happy:
  5. Scenario 1: Matt jumps aboard the UFO as soon as it lands, leaving behind a stunned Dom who starts to scream: "WHY!!! WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME?! I THOUGHT WE HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL!!" ( I am a very firm believer in the Belldom theory, if you hadn't already guessed:LOL:) Scenario 2: Slayer clamber out of the UFO and start chasing Matt, vowing not to stop until they 'slay' him. I know, I know that was a really bad pun... Scenario 3: I jump aboard, dragging the whole of Muse with me, and venture into dimensions unknown:happy: Scenario 4: Matt, having spotted the UFO before Dom and Chris, plays a pre-arranged secret signal on his guitar ( the Maggie's Farm riff) and yells "Beam me up, Scotty!". To the horror and sheer heartbreak of every single Muser present, a beam rapidly descends from the spacecraft bathing Matt in an eerie green glow. He then starts to ascend slowly, whilst playing the Greatest Riff Known To Humankind as his final outro. Every human, cat, dog, spider, mighty jagrafess of the holy hadrojassic maxadodenfoe, tyrannosaurus rex and velociraptor stands to attention and salutes him as he returns to where he originally originated from. THE END.
  6. Oh, I do hope so. As much as I'd love to hear NSC 2 anytime soon. Don't you think we should get back to the conversation at hand? The Mods are gonna have a fit if they find another thread 'corrupted'. And for the record: I DON'T THINK KATE IS A SLUT. As much as it hurts me to type this, I do kind of agree with Pip. None of us do know what Matt and co really are like. We can only speculate.
  7. It really isn't because of jealousy. I just don't want to see him get hurt. I don't want any of them to get hurt. And it isn't because I'm possessive of them. Muse have given me so much, they've given all of us so much, and so I just think they deserve all the happiness they come by. Oh, and Pip? Since when was having your own opinion such a bloody criminal offence? The last time I checked it was a free country.
  8. :(Of course I wasn't insulting you, my fellow Muser! I was merely refering to the rapidly increasing Twatlight horde and their supreme leader Robert Pattison! ( the big-foot head twat of whom I spoke) Um, that she entices them all into her lair and then devours them like a giant praying mantis? SAVE YOURSELF MAFFOO!!! Please, don't give me nightmares!
  9. Gee, I hope not. It would be such a shame to lose Muse to a load of pre-teen morons who all seem to think that some big-foot-head twat is the only important thing in their lives. Twatlight has really fucked it up for Muse, I just hope they don't plan to continue. And as for the Gaia thing, I think that it is a shame( surprisedly), that they are no more. I certainly prefer her to Hudson. At least she had brains and, I think, grounded Matt. That Hudson really pisses me off. She has kids for Balamory's sake! She's much too old to be a bloody groupie. Matt could have it so much better. He deserves so much better, if only he tried.:'(
  10. You're just like me! Except that I am planning to get into journalism one day. So it is science and history for me as well, but with a lot of English added:D
  11. Showbiz: Overdue OoS: Darkshines Absolution: The Small Print BH&R: Soldier's Poem The Resistance: Guiding Light EDIT: Actually, Iid rather choose Uprising for this. Not that I don't like the song. It's just that hearing it on a certain radio station kinda takes the fun out of it. Besides, I rather like Guiding Light. A lot. But I still like all of the songs featured above. It's just too darn hard to choose:unsure: Albums in order of preference: 1. OoS 2. Absolution 3. BH&R 4. The Resistance 5. Showbiz
  12. :yesey:Good to know I'm not the only one to have figured this out!
  13. Album: Hot Fuss Song (at the moment): Romeo And Juliet Era: 2004-2006
  14. :LOL:Yeah, but he'd probably end up blowing up Earth, or the entire Universe, to pieces. Still, it would be quite interesting to watch. :erm:Apart from the whole blowing up thing, which wouldn't be much fun at all...
  15. YES! Muse shall rule triumphant. Kind of makes the whole of this month's Q quite irrelevant though... Still, great Muse stuff. Gotta love the Muse stuff...
  16. Well, lets see... Every banana I consume I nickname "Maffoo". Figure it out for yourself... And, as for the pet thing, I shall call my future cat/dog/velociraptor: "Bellamy-Hendrix" As that is, in my opinion, the coolest name any pet (prehistoric or not) could be given.
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