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    hi! my name is Beth, a environmental studies student wiv a love of muse and other music, and a bit of a bookworm. likes punk/rock look and eyeliner and dyes hair black (even tho its a dark brown anyways) brie-liant sense of humour. longs to travel, and loves italian food
    much else needed to be said?
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    music, writing(/art),reading, basketball, historical and envrionmental stuff, making ppl smile :)
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    cure, kasabian, the prodigy, radiohead, the killers, florence+the machine, paramore, owl city, (and admittedly a bit of mcr and lady gaga) plus tonnes more
  • Favourite Films
    amelie, harry potter, inception, kick ass, twilight( not really bothered bout tbh) period dramas- mostly adaptations of novels, stand up comedies, dark knight, eat pray love
  • Favourite TV Shows
    mainly comedy - MIGHTY BOOSH, it crowd, black books, blackadder and doctor who, the soaps, qi etc.oh and spaced (bit old but still... ^^)
  • Favourite Books
    hunger games,harry potter, twilight (meh), various manga novels, the declaration and the resistance, skulduggery pleasant fiction-history e.g - innocent traitor, stuff by jane austen and the brontes and a bit of shakespeare never goes amiss!
  • Muse Releases Owned
    blackholes& revelations, Absolution,Origin of symmetry, the resistance, showbiz, hulabaloo, uno EP, cave EP, sunburn EP, deadstar/in ur world, neutron star collision, crying shame (from supermassive black hole single)
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    :( not yet ..,. but hopefully soon!!! <3

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