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    hi! my name is Beth, a environmental studies student wiv a love of muse and other music, and a bit of a bookworm. likes punk/rock look and eyeliner and dyes hair black (even tho its a dark brown anyways) brie-liant sense of humour. longs to travel, and loves italian food
    much else needed to be said?
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    music, writing(/art),reading, basketball, historical and envrionmental stuff, making ppl smile :)
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    cure, kasabian, the prodigy, radiohead, the killers, florence+the machine, paramore, owl city, (and admittedly a bit of mcr and lady gaga) plus tonnes more
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    amelie, harry potter, inception, kick ass, twilight( not really bothered bout tbh) period dramas- mostly adaptations of novels, stand up comedies, dark knight, eat pray love
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    mainly comedy - MIGHTY BOOSH, it crowd, black books, blackadder and doctor who, the soaps, qi etc.oh and spaced (bit old but still... ^^)
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    hunger games,harry potter, twilight (meh), various manga novels, the declaration and the resistance, skulduggery pleasant fiction-history e.g - innocent traitor, stuff by jane austen and the brontes and a bit of shakespeare never goes amiss!
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    blackholes& revelations, Absolution,Origin of symmetry, the resistance, showbiz, hulabaloo, uno EP, cave EP, sunburn EP, deadstar/in ur world, neutron star collision, crying shame (from supermassive black hole single)
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    :( not yet ..,. but hopefully soon!!! <3
  1. haha i didn't know about mythbusters! when i woke up i thought "that would be a funny rollercoaster...." and then i thought "actually...i'd go on something like that!" in fact, i haven't been on lots of big rollercoasters, i know i'd be dead scared on any of them, plus i have a record of being travel sick, so who knows what i'd be like on those massive rollercoasters!! thanks though!!
  2. i had another dream, i had this dream that me and all my family and some friends as well were all in this big crowd on the beach -somewhere tropical, surprisingly - lining up for this rollercoaster ride that everyone said was the best. i say rollercoaster, it was this 4 seated thing that catapulted you into the sea, then reeled you back in!! and for some reason my nan was organising who had to go on it, and i was somehow involved in operating the thing, too. And when it was my turn to go, 3 people turned up. none other than Muse! and asked if they could go on with me of course i was blushing, really pleased and giggly and in my dream i kept thinking 'don't mess this up, talk to them, don't be so shy' because i really wanted the courage to talk to them. So then we got in our seats, me next to Matt. Who had red hair by the way - they were all OoS era. after that i was only half-asleep and started to wake up a little, but i remember talking to Matt and giving him my cat hat, whilst Dom and Chris laughed... but i think i woke up soon after that
  3. been awhile i was having some random dream i can't remember exactly, and in one part of it i got sent to this room and Matt was in there! and i was really surprised and was like: 'cause in my dream he was an acquaintance of mine, and i had to interview him, and i just got to ask him some questions and then woke up!!! we were getting on so well, too!
  4. same! i'm slowly working Muse songs into my 'DJ-ing' when playing my ipod in the car i think it winds up my brother the most the downright hates Muse on the basis that 'matt's voice is horrible and has a ferret-y face!' i think he does this to annoy me
  5. that sounds like a cool dream  true  i had a really disturbing dream a week ago, Muse, me and some other random people in my dream went to this big casino place - it was an 'international casino' - and it had its own government (which was corrupt). Matt and Dom got pretty drunk there and started playing on this online poker. Well i was next to Tom (we were practically babysitting those two!) when i overheard that the government were gonna kill Matt and Dom, using this insane mass murderer so i went up to thios psychopath and said ' if you even touch Matt or Dom i'll kill you! ' Me, Tom and Chris were trying to get everyone out when their killer came out all of a sudden i tried to stop him but it wasn't working, luckily Kirk saved the day, by pulling me away and then we were all running and Chris blew up the casino (i've been watching too much Matrix / Borne trilogy )
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