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  1. Â You should just look on this board for that:LOL:
  2. Â I'm planning on using Blackout for my funeral. So no, I don't think it is suitable for a wedding.
  3. How about Unintended?  It's one of the mushiest Muse songs ever (apart from NSC, but we won't go there), doesn't suddenly turn 'head-bangingly' mental half-way into the song, and the lyrics are quite mellow (as in not un-bearably depressing.) http://www.elyrics.net/read/m/muse-lyrics/unintended-lyrics.html  Or better still, there's always the acoustic version.
  4. Your sig is a line from the Scissor Sister's 'Tits On The Radio', right?

  5. Â Clap yourself on the back much. Â If you were supposed to be using plurals for all the song titles in your post, then surely you should have typed 'New Borns' and 'Unintendeds' ? This is exactly what the modern marvels of spell-check is for... Â I don't need to ask to see that you hold all us so-called "Johnny-come-latelys" at the lowest regard possible. Which is quite petty really, seeing as the younger fans make up a hefty percentage of the overall Muse fan-base, a percentage that you are obviously trying to convince to vote in your poll. Â Maybe next time you should hold back on the criticisms and insults. Even though I do see being called a "smart arse" as quite a nice compliment, so thanks for that.
  6. Loving the Moss av. Brilliant show.:)

  7. I've been listening to ( read obsessed with) Muse for 5 years now and I still haven't seen them live. So, no, you're not the only one.
  8. I would say Muse, for obvious reasons.... But everyone knows it could be only be Queen.
  9. Last time I checked, the song was called Plug In Baby. If you're going to spam on the board, at least get the bloody names right.
  10. Personally, my first album was BH&R (good times). I then moved onto OoS and Absolution. Absolution would be good for newbies who enjoy classical music as well as rock, The Resistance would undoubtedly be favoured by those who like pop music. OoS would be preferred by those who enjoy a wide range of varied musical genres, like myself.
  11. :D Good for you. How's you, anyway?

    I'm just listening to Two Door Cinema Club for what is probably the 1000th time now.

  12. Ah right. Did you make it?

  13. Howdy fellow Muser. Must compliment you on your extremely fascinating sig. What's Matt supposed to be saying/thinking/ I can't seem to make the text out.

  14. Was just reading this thread and wanted to know if anyone else has heard the remix entirled 'Supermassive Rainbow'. It's this combination of Klaxons vs. Muse, and actually sounds far better than my hardly apt description.
  15. These aren't my definite favourite songs, but the ones I've listened to recently: 1. Eternally Missed 2. Twin 3. Coma 4. Micro Cuts 5. Supermassive Black Hole 6. Do We Need This? 7. Shine 8. Bliss 9. Citizen Erased 10. YFMF and the others: The Groove, Undisclosed Desires, Falling Away With You, Ruled By Secrecy, Uprising, Uno, Glorious, Easily, Popcorn, Butterflies And Hurricanes
  16. My new Journalism tutor, after findiing out that I am the only Muser in my whole class, told me that she has interviewed Muse ( and The Wombats). :dance:She's my new favourite person. :musesign:How I love my class:D
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